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foods to avoid for thyroid problems


List of foods thyroid patients should avoid in order to create healing is the essence of this article. This post also touches on what foods are good for the thyroid.

Modern life has really taken a toll on our health – expensive living can mean expensive diseases like heart issues, digestive problems, and thyroid ailments. More and more people are now resorting to using natural thyroid cures or thyroid remedies, where conventional medicine is failing – natural route is the way to go now (just my observation).

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The sustenance we eat gives our bodies the “data” and materials they have to work legitimately. On the off chance that we don’t get the right food, our metabolic procedures fails and our health declines which leads us to developing health problems such as heart issues, thyroid issues – as mentioned above- and many more. That is the fundamental motivation behind why Doctors Joseph Mercola and Josh Axe let us know that picking the right nourishment is an essential thing, for the sustenance we eat can bring us serious  disease or do the inverse.

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Expanding this statement, do you know that there is a rundown of nourishment that were demonstrated to help you keep your thyroid healthy? What’s more, that there are likewise nourishment that you have to begin maintaining a strategic distance from on the off chance that you would prefer not to have that unfortunate thyroid. Today, as you read this article you will know the rundown of nourishment to keep and the rundown of food that should get a farewell from you, check the list!


Foods that you should start avoiding to Help Your Thyroid


1.) Vegetables that contains Goitrogens

If you have a hyperthyroidism or afraid to get one, then avoid these veggies because it has great amount of Goitrogens (substances that repress the generation of thyroid hormones) though it is proven to help fight other diseases, it’s proven that it’s a must avoided food by people who has thyroid issues. Examples of these veggies are the following; Broccoli, cabbage, brussels’ sprouts, cauliflower, kale, spinach, turnips, millet and mustard greens.


2.) Foods that contains Soy

Tons of Studies show that soy coming from various foods such as nuts, beans, soybeans Linseed and pine nuts are thought to interfere with the body’s ability to absorb the medication, thus if you are Suffering from hyperthyroidism, and is undergoing medication, then you should start having a strategic distance to these mentioned foods.


3.) Chocolate and Granola Bars thats contains soy Lecithin

Two of the best known brands of these chocolates who uses soy lecithin are Theo chocolates and Equal Exchange. The reason behind this is that soy lecithin contains chemical compounds that inhibits the efficacy of medication like goitrogens.


4.) Bakery goods and some flours that contains  “dough conditioner”

Bromine consumption seriously affects the thyroid organ and causes hormonal issues. Bromine contends with iodine, a key supplement that backings the wellbeing of the thyroid.


5.) Soft drinks and other beverages that use brominated vegetable oils as an emulsifier

Examples of these are  citrus-flavored sodas, Fresca, Sun Drop, Gatorade and Mountain dew


Foods that are good for your Thyroid


1.) Foods that are rich in iodine

One of the considered reasons for thyroid related issues is the absence of iodine. The thing is iodine keeps the thyroid from enlarging and keeping up the required number of hormones required so on the off chance that you have iodine inadequacy then these nourishments are for you; Yogurt, seaweeds, tuna, eggs, baked potato, Sushi, seafoods and Fish.


2.) Foods that are rich in selenium

Studies shows that selenium has the ability to abatement antibodies in the body that add to thyroid condition. It is likewise demonstrated that selenium enhance the state of mind and general sentiments of prosperity in individuals with a thyroid condition. Examples of these food are; Dandelion greens, chicken,  Brazil nuts, raw dairy products (Unpasteurized), onions, sea veggies, carrots, Meat, tuna, salmon, garlic and unrefined grains.


3.) Juices/Smoothies made from green vegetables

These types of juices are proven effective to fight thyroid related issues due to its anti inflammatory and detoxifying properties




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