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Calendula Creams

Top 3 calendula creams reviews, Best of the Best! 100% natural, water-free product and no preservatives: Lyonsleaf Calendula reviewed, Nelson’s Calendula and a top ranking calendula on Amazon is discussed too!


Calendula Comfrey Herb Super Salve, Herbal Balm from Creation Farm large 4 oz jar Soothes many itchy and dry skin issues


I am hoping that this follow up article about Calendula will clarify things as to which ones are the best Calendula creams that are available in the online market today. To achieve this I will be talking about the product description given by the manufacturer and will also top it up with the reviews from the customers themselves.

Calendula Creams

Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream 

As you can see this product is clearly beaming with awesome natural goodness, even got a Gold award last year (please see the seal above). So I have a good feeling that this is really one of the best ones in the market today. So let me delve deep into its qualities as per its website where customers also left reviews about it.



Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream, on its forefront it clearly says that it is  good for eczema, rosacea, dermatitis acne and psoriasis – so quite extensive with what it is good for – which is really tops for a brand because after all these are major skin issues. It positions itself as a product that is all natural, no side effects compared to topical steroids, water free, teeming with vitamins, antioxidants and beneficial compounds.And above all, they only use cold-pressed plant oils, essential oils and natural Vitamin E. Absolutely no petrochemicals or artificial chemicals.

Exciting brand! I must say – 

What I also love about this product is that they are honest. For example, it says on the site that they are not 100% organic but definitely 100% natural (for their valid reason about this production ethos please read on the site), so this honesty is not something you see in many products these days – either they don’t say anything about it or they hype too much about it. ONE MASSIVE PLUS POINT!


Calendula Comfrey Herb Super Salve, Herbal Balm from Creation Farm large 4 oz jar Soothes many itchy and dry skin issues

Lyonsleaf also has pointed that because of it being water free, the product goes a long way – you only need a reasonable amount and it does the job due to its potency and consistency. HIGH potenc but value for money!

In addition, Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream,really capitalises big time on it being water-free, which means that it does not need harsh preservatives and emulsifiers which obviously, can do more stress than needed. It also banks on the fact that they use exactly the same oils our body uses as a lipid barrier for the skin. When there is a great barrier then there is less tendency for pathogens to invade the skin and cause infection, flare ups and the nasty side of skin problems associated with eczema and psoriasis, as examples.



This product clocked up 31 organic and genuine reviews from its customers. Now let us see some….

A customer posted a review on 8 May 2015 saying that she couldn’t do without this product and all the other products as well. She then say that the products last for months and months.She gave it a generous 5 stars rating.

Another  customer by the name of A. has written a review on the 2nd of February this year that the cream has been her bestfriend for weeks now due to the fact that her hands are very dry and they used to bleed. The good thing is she is also using it on her face. This customer will willingly recommend this product, in short she can vouch for its quality and the results it deliver.

One very interesting review is from a lady who has spent hundreds or even thousands, she reckons, on products from Clarins which she vehemently regrets doing so. With Lyonsleaf Calendula cream she swears that with just one bottle and pot, does the job. She will gladly recommend it to people. Lastly, she also pointed that the item arrived promptly and was securely packed.


Nelsons Calendula Cream 

As per description, Nelsons calendula cream is dubbed as a soothing multi-purpose skin cream which is geared towards treating sore and rough skin; made from the Marigold plant.

As per  Amazon bestseller’s list, it is ranked at number 8 in the Health and Personal Care category, specifically: Skind Diseases. Customers have given it a 4.8 ratings out of 5 stars; with a total of 60 customer reviews.


Here are random reviews from Amazon commerce site:

A customer who is suffering from perioral dermatitis gave it a perfect 5 star rating due to the satisfaction gained from finally clearing the skin condition after only 2 weeks into it; customer mentioned that he or she has tried a lot of creams but to no avail.

Another customer gave it full five stars as she loved it. She said that it really helped her 8-month old baby’s eczema and dry skin.

A satisfied customer who made a review in August of 2014 has said labelled it as ‘eczema saviour’. She said that finally her son’s eczema has finally been healed after trying so many creams and steroids.Her rating was a straight five stars!


There is also a customer review dated July 2013 that mentioned of being glad she has found this on Amazon as Boots was’nt selling them anymore. She also stated that this is a highly recommended product that is soothing and healing and for softening dry skin. She confidently said it is highly recommended and gave it 5 stars as a sign of satisfaction.


Calendula Flower Cream 

This product is produced by Napiers the Herbalists.

This cream is dubbed as a pure, simple and natural product that is geared to renew and repair the skin with its unfragranced nature, it will soothe and moisturise.

It aims to deliver  a lot of benefits like: calms and protects the body and the face, soothing relief for irritated skin, moisturises sensitive and delicate areas, gentle enough that it is suitable for even babies, good calendula extract that speeds up cell and tissue regeneration.

What I love about this product is that it positions itself as an overall body and face cream, and it also boasts of its unfragranced nature.

On the flipside, there isn’t that much information about it with things like if it is organic or not.But what is on there is just enough anyway as it banks on its product as a simple and natural calendula cream and it is also suitable for vegetarians the product is non oily too. End of.



These are the only reviews that I was able to compress from the website so here we go.

An antiques worker from Scotland swears by this product that he has been using for 15 long years now! His hands use to react with his frequent contact with shellac and polishes especially after washing up – gets sore and cracked up. But thanks to this cream his problems are now unheard of.

Another customer swears by it when using it post-thrush as the area can be intensely itchy, dry and scaly. She then expressed how she couldn’t thank enough for the product.


So there you go I have done a helpful article about choosing the right, or one of the best, Calendula creams in the market today. It is my great hope that you will be able to take something from the writing that I hav done.

I will also appreciate if you will share what products you have been using so far, the results and frustrations, if any. Feel free to give a comment below….

Arbordoun’s Abundantly Herbal Calendula Cream




























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