How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Blood pressure problems are quite common these days as people feast on highly unhealthy diets, super stressed lifestyles, very sedentary habits like too much time spent on TV, and worse – for ever glued on mobile phones and Ipads.


Top Tips to Help you LOWER Blood Pressure NATURALLY



1# Eat Nitrate-rich vegetables

Vegetables are our best defense against most diseases as they are rich in natural substances that works for the body, not against it. They also contain fibre that is big in cleansing the colon, absorbing toxins, and escorting them out of the body.

The key component is the nitric oxide (converted from nitrates) which is essential in maintaining normal blood pressure.






Vegetables recommended are beetroot, spinach, celery, arugula and lettuce.

Beetroot seems to be the ‘star’ player in the battle against hypertension, as per a study by the researchers of Queen Mary University in London.



2# Fish Oil

Time and time again, fish oil comes out as one of the most recommended supplement for blood pressure and heart health. The key health factor? OMEGA 3 fatty acids.

Omega 3 is said to lower triglycerides that then could impact lessening the impact of cardiovascular diseases.

In my own experience, omega 3 seems to give me a ‘lift’ or clarity, reduction in the hazy visual feeling that I get when I  eat bad foods, commonly known as ‘brain fog’.

(try to find the best source of fish oils, ask the manufacturer if its sourced from the Pacific ocean, said to be contaminated with the Fukushima Radiation scare today)

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#3 Load up on LYCOPENE

Lycopene is richly available in tomatoes. But these are best taken from cooked tomatoes as this form makes it more bioavailable. Lycopene acts as a scavenger of free radicals in the body, the very thing that causes major inflammations (free radicals).

Inflammation of the heart is tightly connected to blood pressure problems, hence lycopene is key to addressing this health issue.

Key sources for lycopene aside from tomatoes: papaya, guavas, watermelon and grapefruit.



#4 Cocoa

According to, cocoa are rich in flavonoids. Now these flavonoids are said to help in lowering blood pressure due to its effect in, again, stimulating nitric oxide production, which as mentioned above – is highly beneficial in maintaining the elasticity of the blood vessels.

Cocoa is also rich in the flavanol called epicatechin, as per the wellness magazine called Natural Health (issue date August 2016). This antioxidant helps the arteries immensely by increasing the blood flow as much as 68%.




#5 Mindfullness

No doubt with the deluge of modern life unhealthy and fast practices, blood pressure problems affect 70 MILLION people in the USA today, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Mindfulness is the NEW ‘alternative’ cure

how to eal high blood pressure naturally

Mindfulless-based stress reduction has proven successful in helping alleviate the escalating problem of STRESS, as per a clinical study published on the site called Medical News Today a very big factor in triggering blood pressure problems. Mindfullness practices like YOGA, meditation, Tai Chi and Chi Kung are great examples.

Address STRESS, your best weapon. My personal belief. And I strongly believe stress is the number one source of our health problems these days.

With my years of reading and personal research, I believe that constant Body Relaxation through HEALING audio meditations sets the stage for helping the body gain ground in its healing capacity, activating the body’s cells to health itself by lessening INFLAMMATORY markers or hormones in the body which are brought upon by constant bombardment of NEGATIVE and STRESSFUL thoughts which in time can manifest in the PHYSICAL.

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