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Talking about Virgin Coconut Oil as a cure for Eczema is not something that I really have an actual experience with but I have bought this product for other uses especially cooking and this is something that I am always passionate about. In fact, back home in Southeast Asia I buy 1 coconut every day. I would send my brother to the nearby vendor just a few yards away and instruct him that the coconut water be kept separately in a small cellophane as we call it there and have the coconut meat shredded so its ready to eat without the need to scrape it myself. And coconut is something that is really abundant in the area so you see it most of the time.


The Coconut Oil

I always see a lot of information linking Virgin Coconut oil as having massive benefits in healing eczema, and I must say – whether this is true or not, I haven’t got a clue.

So what are the properties of Virgin Coconut Oil that makes it a hot item, among other things, as a cure for eczema?

Coconut oil is rich in Lauric acid which has antibacterial and antifungal properties hence this might really help in alleviating the unfavourable effects of eczema in the skin. As coconut oil supplies the skin with massive moisture then it naturally creates a barrier that prevents further damages such as infection from entering the skin membrane.


Choosing the Best Virgin Coconut Oil

So how do you know which Virgin coconut oil product is best for you skin in relation to eczema if you are afflicted with it?

In my own opinion there is no hard and fast rule to this. But I will try to lay out my personal thoughts on this with the aim to be never sounding commercial about it.

1.)  Try to be as natural as much as possible.

Look for what is stated on the label. Is it fair trade? Is it done using the cold press process? What is the time frame between processing the oil from the coconut to the bottling process itself? Are there hints of the producer resorting to using chemicals to extend the shelf life or make it aesthetically pleasing? Is it organic? Is it suitable for vegans and vegetarians?


2. Research about the Brand or the Company

For me this is not a strict rule but if I were to buy something I would always try to search on Google about the maker as opposed to relying on what is said on its Ebay or Amazon product description. But of course nothing beats the genuine and verified purchases feedbacks from the customers themselves with all its ratings that go with it.

You can also write to the seller or the brand to ask anything about the product. With my experience, I always go for the product that answers straight away and with succinct details as compared to a company that does not answer emails from consumers let alone bother to fill in information as a reply to your email.

 3. Check the Price

For me going for the cheap price is not always ideal. Why? Because of the simple logic that ‘quality’ should never be sacrificed if it is something that has to do with your body, you will be ingesting it and your body will benefit from it directly. So why scrimp? People willingly buy expensive party dresses and overpriced mobile phones but won’t do the same for food and supplements and then wonder why they have sluggish or sickly bodies? Enough said.


Here are my TOP 3 PICKS for   Virgin Coconut Oil

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Number 1 Bestseller Coconut Oil on Amazon site!

See this screenshot from Amazon : LUCY

I have always been a fan of this brand since I started writing for my blog. My experience with them is all good – from email communications and they also kindly accommodated my request to review their product. This has left a lasting impression in me as to what kind of company they are in terms of giving support to a newbie blogger.

Now on to the product: LUCY BEE Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

This brand, to start with, has got a very pleasing and almost cartoon feel to its website which is, really, for me – is the best way to go for websites for this year onwards – stunning graphics – and a very good blending of super alive colours!

The jar and labelling is screaming with the words: EXTRA, RAW, and FAIR. So this product has positioned itself as a brand that produces an Extra Virgin Coconut Oil that is raw and sourced only through Fairtrade buying practices. To me this is a great plus factor for a product, hence they are number one. But on the flipside, I have heard before that there really is no edge to an extra or just the regular virgin coconut oil variety (maybe this is just to emphasize their commitment to the variety’s purity?).

So choosing a virgin coconut oil brand that does not say Extra Virgin is still a good choice. No worries there…..

In addition,this brand is confident that their oil is extracted out of organic coconuts from only one supplier in Asia which probably is an advantage so the quality is really monitored. They also boasts of using the cold-pressed way of processing the oil from the coconuts thereby maximising the retention of nutrients. This product is also proud of  it being free from additives and preservatives. What also caught my attention is that it is bottled here in England and they are also using a BRC Grade A bottling plant here (although I have never heard of this before but its comforting to know though that they are really breathing and living a very ideal and negative-free production ethos).

Well done Lucy Bee!

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This brand has amassed an impressive 932 reviews on Amazon. This is a great indicator of how its customers are satisfied!

Some examples of the reviews:

 One happy customer has given it 5 stars in June of 2013. He said that he has been using coconut oil for years especially for cooking and the health benefits are becoming more and more clear as with the public also becoming more aware of its reports. He stressed that the Lucy Bee brand is by far the best and you only have to open the jar and see for yourself – texture is good! He also unanimously pointed that it’s now his favourite moreso with it being a fairtrade brand.

A certain customer with initials of G.T. has said that it’s a better value for money compared to other organic coconut oil in the market and he has given it a full 5 stars rating.



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Screenshot of this brand


Biona is really an excellent brand. Why? I have been buying their product, the smaller jar, since I first discovered the wonders of virgin coconut oil. But the difference with my experience from the other brand I tackled before this is the aroma. My preference is Lucy Bee because I prefer the more evident aroma when cooking although some people say its really mild but I found it to be more potent if I were to really look for that ‘coconutty’ images that the aroma evokes.. But I guess either way it is fine to go for Biona — it doesn’t mean it is less of a product just because I am not smitten by the intensity of its coconutty aroma that I am looking for.

And not forget, this brand has earned a massive number of reviews on Amazon – a big 835 in total as of this writing!

This brand is proud in its claim that the farmers where they source their product do not use pesticides or herbicides nor genetically modified plants. Plus it also declares that they make sure the farmers use a sustainable farming method thereby avoiding over-exhaustion of the land where it is all being cultivated. And one major advantage of this brand is that they are banking on one important factor – traceability – which is key for making sure that all their products are being sourced with utmost quality, natural and suitable for vegetarian people.




A customer has made a review on 23 August 2013 that she uses it for all her cooking and also proudly said that it tastes delicious! This customer has given it 5 stars for the rating.

Another customer has taken a lot of time by giving a very detailed and extensive review, what a good customer! He said that although the product did not come with any packaging at all but when you open the jar it is properly sealed which he said is good for the environment. He also said that it is big in size an might take him time to consume it. He also made a remark that it the smell is natural and not overpowering (I agree). What is more interesting is he also uses this as a hair conditioner but although I worry about the smell of this, maybe it works for him – clearly it does! But he does shampoo after coming home from work which he said was a breeze…

(To go directly to the reviews and other information, click this link Biona Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil)



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Ma Devlin’s 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

This brand has earned an impressive 787 customer reviews on Amazon!

It also ranked #9 in Grocery Oils.


 What has caught my fancy about this brand, apart from its good number of reviews, is the labelling that says its Organic Certified EEC& USDA. This sounds posh to me although I really don’t know what EEC means but I will have a look later, it sounds legitimate – the sort of thing that you read from brands that take its product certifications very seriously. Love it!

Ma Devlin also says that its product is produced using only cold pressing – without no heat at all– so all the goodness are intact as much as possible. This brand also speaks of freshness, unrefined, and premium quality as its driving words in positioning it as a serious coconut oil variety.

Some good points of the product: It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It also offers free delivery for Prime members of Amazon. I have noticed though that there is not much information about this product compared to the first two brands I have reviewed but I guess its customer reviews will compensate for this one aspect.



This is one very interesting review by a customer made on the 19th of July 2014. This customer is clearly a happy and satisfied one because she thought this brand was an inferior one compared to the more pricey brands she has tried before, but she was wrong. She said that this brand actually is better because it tastes wonderful and was easy to take out of the ja. She has used it for cooking and also on her scalp. She plans to use it for her cat to keep the parasites in check. What really impressed her is the customer treatment she has experienced where she said that the company really cares about its customers. Now, this is one biggie for me – this is important. Customer service is always a great factor for getting new customers as well as keeping loyal customers.

One more customer with the initials of W.A.M. has made a review that this product is more reasonably priced than the others. He uses it for his cooking and also with his porridge and cereal. He then said that this product is not an inferior product.




I do hope that my labour in writing this article will not be in vain. I am hoping that my examination and inspectioninto these 3 brands will somehow give you the information that you need about Virgin Coconut oil — its benefits and its reviews.

The point is that Virgin coconut oil is not just for cooking but it has a lot of topical uses for the skin especially for the ones like me who has got issues like eczema. This is an all natural product that is ever so popular and very versatile in uses in terms of its medicial properties.

Please care to make some comments below so other people will also learn from your views and experiences.

Thank you!!

























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