Health Benefits of Raw Honey


More and more people these days are choosing the healthy path. People are starting to grasp the awareness about how to make good choices in order to have healthy bodies.

Sugar, as we now know, is not healthy. But are there natural sugar substitutes?

Raw Honey – one of the healthiest sugar alternatives (well, still sugar but at least not so bad for you – still needs portion control) and its packed with nutrients!


Raw Honey

raw honey

From the Baltic Honey Shop


Raw honey is the only honey you will ever need if you want to get superior nutrients. Make sure that the honey you are buying is unheated or unpasteurised – organic, is best too!

And it is a healthier option too! In fact, scientist Keith Kantor, states that whereas sugar is 50% glucose and 50% fructose, honey is only 30% glucose and less 40% fructose.

(source: article from Huffington Post)

Amazing Health Benefits of Raw Honey


May help with allergies – raw honey’s minerals are intact compared to the regular honey in the supermarket which are at risk of having been tampered with fructose corn syrup or heated – which destroys the minerals and nutrients. Raw honey is harvested straight from the honeycomb and so is rich in pollen which is said to really stave off allergies at its tracks.

Rich source of brain boosting benefits – honey is said to be an important co factor for absorption of calcium. Calcium is said  to be important for memory functions of our brain.

Honey is good for wounds – its medicinal properties have been known throughout the centuries, and documented by lots of health books and natural health practitioners. In fact there is a study publised on the site called that says natural honey is 3x more effective in killing bacteria than artificial honey.

Raw honey can help with better sleep – honey relates with a rise in insulin which then helps the brain use it to process serotonin to melatonin which affects one’s sleeping pattern.

Raw honey is good for acid reflux – this claim was made by a reader from a certain forum on the Internet. This makes sense because honey is a great digestive medicine. And of the causes of reflux is having a weak digestion – this is where honey comes in with its packed full of nutrients and minerals for the body.

Raw honey is rich in zinc and selenium….


Video on the Benefits of Raw Honey

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Where to Buy Raw Honey?

Raw Honey by Baltic Honey Shop is by far the best natural honey I have tasted! It is naturally sourced from the forest in Lithuania. Plus this brand has an amazing 90 individual 4.8 stars reviews on Amazon – well,  almost perfect! And not only that, their raw honey has NO artificial ingredients added in the production, as per Baltic Honey.

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raw honey benefits

raw honey




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