My Own Personal Story On Eczema Healing

Can calendula cure eczema naturally?

Is there a way for curing eczema naturally?

Will natural eczema treatment work?

How to heal eczema fast?

What are the causes of eczema?


These are just some of the burning questions about relieving skin ECZEMA so it is my genuine purpose that with this article which is is an EPIC one in terms of word count of under 6,000 words, will find a voice to those people who are afflicted with eczema. If my own experience can touch you, my own moments and challenges can comfort you, that would be enough. In this, I am writing from the HEART, with all honesty, and this, I am very confident will shine through the whole story-telling that this write up aims to do which is to address or find ways how to curing eczema naturally by calendula is possible.

It has been a few months now since my last write up about eczema. Just to be exact, it is now the 21st of August, 2015. But today I have decided to write about how my eczema now is completely healed. Did I do a magic cure? Did I stumble on a secret treatment? No.

My relationship with eczema, to be honest, was a painful one. There was a lot of anger towards it – frustration, and most times, I wanted to scream at it, if only it could hear my words of resentments and that feeling of giving up over dealing with it many times of the day. I suppose many can relate to my sentiments about coping with eczema on a daily basis. And I am also sure that  there are many out there who go through the ’emotional’ episodes of looking at it – be it eczema on the face, scalp, hands or eyelids, and growing cases on children or babies with eczema, hoping to pacify the itchiness by curing eczema naturally, the stinging feeling after taking a shower, and that lingering feeling that always reminds you that you have this skin affliction hiding underneath your clothing, which, to be honest, always gets in the way of having enjoyment especially when you go out for a meal or some leisure time, and most especially when you are heading to work (in my experience this compounds the agony of having to take the journey of commuting to work plus the nagging feeling that you have to take big steps and loads of patience to calm yourself down so that your work time at the office would be bearable, let alone the stress of expectations at work).

As a quick add on, I have not really been faithfully shying away from eating cakes when at times I had that feeling of confidence that somehow my gut is, again, very strong and back to its fighting form. But of course, there were moments that I fell back to square one, with  signals of my eczema getting stirred up again. As always, and maybe quite normal, most people have bouts of letting go of some control and restraint of diet discipline. 

PHOTOS OF MY ECZEMA a few months ago:


CURRENT PHOTOS (taken today,  21st of August, 2015)



This is such a broad heading but it is one of the most asked questions about eczema. So my plan is to talk individually about the things which I considered were vital in my healing process. Again, these may not be extensive but they are to best of my real-life experience without the hype of such and such modalities and products. And this may not suit what most people are asking for, that is, how to cure eczema fast or how to heal eczema overnight, but I still believe in the power of a very detailed story-telling anchored on real life experience. And one may look for the best eczema treatment, but I still would hold a stand that each person will always require an individualistic approach in terms of what works and what won’t work.


No Meat Cure

This has been both a sweet and sour route that I had to take. And I had taken it too much, too long. What do I mean by this?
During the times that I was ill, I developed this notion that meat was 100% bad and to be eliminated at all cost. This I have done for almost 3 months which was not good anymore. I overlooked the fact that my body, at least in my case, needed some meat nutrients for it to function normally. So what happened in my case was that I was eating veggies and grains day in, day out. Some of those times, I tried to cook some fish but not often. In plain words, my diet only consisted of grains like quinoa then I mixed in some rice vermicilli to bulk it up and a few leaves of pak choi vegetable, and most days, I throw in some chopped cuts of broccoli.  So as a result of this meatless eating, I noticed that I easily got cold, or was sensitive to feeling cold all the time even though the house temperature in the lounge, with heating on, was around 24 degrees Celsius. But even with this, I was still oblivious to it as I was just dismissing it as my true nature, somehow I was convinced that I have always been a cold-bodied person. 
Because I was overdoing my meatless obsession, or shall I say I developed this phobia and panic about eating meat then after a few minutes my mind tells me, I have to be on alert as the body thinks that eating meat is actually bad. Why I gained this notion is because I have read something online that says, eating meat is not good as the body will interpret it as a foreign body therefore your immune system gets a red signal to fight back in preparation for the foreign body ingested. Now whether this is true or not, and in my case – I think this is true, but still meat is needed by our body. We can get some nutrients from eating meat that we won’t get from just eating protein-based diet. In fact, as of recent, I came across really good readings about how some vegans are deficient of some minerals and nutrients and therefore as a result have developed illnesses that are related to mineral deficiencies. These include articles talking about magnesium, B vitamins, which, I believe are true. This I could vouch but I will write about it at a different time – issues about adrenal fatigue syndrome.


I really think that whilst meat is to be avoided, as per homeopath therapists that I have consulted before, maybe it would be wise to introduce t again after 1 month in small doses and just the healthy parts like lean meat from goat’s meat, and also breast part of the chicken. I am really convinced that although lamb is a grass-fed animal, it still is considered to be acidic to ingest as a meat along with pork which is, for me, number one on the list to be avoided, or at least eaten very, very sparingly. I also have to add that I have been eating turkey meat alternately with chicken, both are healthy. I cannot really comment about eating beef as one of the sources of meat diet although I have heard it is as bad as pork and lamb in terms of it being acidic for the body.


Curing Eczema Naturally

It is very common for people to ask how to cure eczema with diet so it makes sense for me to talk more about food.

Now this bit of the plan is the most challenging for me whilst I was trying to heal my eczema. Why? I am a cake person and I know my eating of cakes, pastries and sweets were really the major factors that tipped my ‘tipping point’ in reference to my eczema eruptions.

Well, it is a known fact that cakes and pastries and the likes, have gluten as the main issue. I personally believe that gluten-based products can really heavily wreak havoc on the digestive system. With the number one issue as it makes the body too acidic and it destroys the homeostasis or the equilibrium of the digestive system, more specifically our gut. Our gut is dubbed to be where the immune system is mostly situated, if I am right, it is where 2/3 of of it is. So naturally when the gut is ravaged with all the bad foods of the modern eating accumulates i.e., eating too many burgers, ready meals and cakes, hotdogs and sausages, then the digestive system exhibits an imbalance and then comes poor digestion of the food we take in then would result too undigested foods/elements gets stuck in the intestines thereby clogging that part of our system which then results to bacteria that threatens membrane that serves as  a barrier to toxins so that they won’t get into the bloodstream. Once these toxins or bad elements break into the barrier then chaos ensue in terms of health issues by way of symptoms so unless this issue is resolved then curing eczema naturally would be a hard thing to do.

To cut the story short, these symptoms show up in all sorts. It could manifest as allergies in the body such as a sudden intolerance to  aubergines whereas it was never an issue before. Or even more common is an allergy to shellfish.. This example I can understand in a much explained manner as I was once told by a health practitioner that, for example, if you are allergic to prawns, one of the reasons is that prawns  as a marine organism may have more tendencies to ingest pollutants or toxins from the ocean. I was also told that the bigger the fish, the more toxins it has, so its best to choose smaller fish if you are incorporating this in your diet. I was also told very recently by a GP who is practicing homeopathy that I should choose fish with scales as they contain less toxins compared to a fish that is filleted in the fish counter as these are usually bigger bodied fish, thus the toxins.
(I have touched a little about fish as an example of an allergy although it is not related to this sub-topic of wheat and cakes, just to use it as an example)
In conclusion, I really believe that one develops sudden allergies when before it was never an issue, the reason could be that the digestive system has been disrupted, or the protective membrane has been ravaged thereby the immunity is under attack. Saying this, it exposes the gut to a lot of potential toxins that it might have a struggle to protect itself from i.e., the threat of gluten, the harmful  MSG and additives or preservatives from canned foods.  These artificial chemicals added in our diets can really add burden to our kidneys, liver, adrenal glands and our endocrine glands. So the overall impact affects other organs, one of which is our digestive system, in our gut where most of our immunity power resides.

Cakes and Gluten

I used to ask this question as to how to cure eczema rash but now I do believe that eliminating cakes and other gluten stuff is key to reducing and curing the issues about rashes.

I really need no more evidence that eating cakes, white bread, donuts, pizza, and pastries, play so much in making one susceptible to developing eczema. In fact with the way I was very undisciplined about eating all these crappy diet, I knew it was coming. But I still did give in to the temporary gratification of eating such bad stuff.
There was a time I was still eating cakes but I opted for gluten free, dairy free, wheat free, alternatives like from Holland and Barrett Health Shop, even Sainsbury’s supermarket has a good range of Free From Foods.  Are these still eczema free?
In my online readings, I have found out that making gluten free flours they use two ingredients, corn flour and rice flour, I think. But my worry about this is, corn is an inflammatory kind of food, it is in the list of foods to be avoided due to issues about it being GMO produced, and if I am right in remembering it, is full of omega 6 (this nutrient promotes inflammation although other people say it must be taken with a balance of omega 3 but I still think it is a big NO).


In my journey for the past months, I did not really avoid sugar a 100%. Of course I tried hard, up to now. But there were/are really times that I still partake things that are loaded with sugar. Otherwise life would be so bland….
My biggest problem has always been resisting sweet things. One big example of this is Nestle White Chocolate with rice crispies as well the white chocolate buttons. Up until I was still recovering from eczema, around April to May 2015, I had moments like twice a month I would really go for that one large portion of white chocolate, this I would eat in one go, roughly about 20 to 30 minutes of mindless munching on it.
So when I do such sweet overload, sometimes I would notice that my scars would start to get angry or itch, that’s when I would grab my skin cream. But be mindful that this cream is not the solution to a plan of eating sweets and getting comfortable with it and totally ignoring the warning that sugary stuff are a total no no for eczema sufferers.
I would like to share to you my recent reading about why sugar is harmful to the skin and gut health as a whole. 
Sugar, when eaten turns to alcohol, then this one is then processed by the liver which unfortunately bears the brunt of mindless eating. This sugar overload and then the resulting problem or byproduct which is alcohol puts the liver in such a dire state that the liver is under so much pressure, overworked. When the liver gets overworked or overburdened, then the kidneys are affected too, and when these two are underperforming then the body’s excretory system is under threat, which then lead to all sorts of problems like sluggish body circulation and poor movement of bodily wastes and excretion of toxins. So this scenario gives birth to problems like ECZEMA where the body tries to eliminate toxins via the skin, as a rapid resort to help the kidneys and liver do its work. 
I would also like to add that when I eat a very sugary food now, like maybe 3 donuts, I go spacey the day after, I am like drunk on alcohol. But i haven’t touched alcoholic drinks since the year 2006. I must also say that I can’t tolerate eating even just 3 or 4 grapes without getting ill for a good 3 to 4 days, I go feverish and no energy.
So pure and simple, sugar causes inflammation especially in our gut or digestive system, as a whole.



I must confess that this is the biggest thing I had to give up for the sake of healing my eczema. This eating out to a good buffet Chinese restaurant I did not really entirely give up until about  3 months ago, I did make 3 trips in the months of May and June this year. Sometime after that I was starting to experience a recurrence of my ‘angry’ skin, during my recovery stage. Such a stubborn me, still tempted by this bad food eating style.
Again, it is really a totally good decision to give this up. Reason? These restaurants use so much MSG and additives and flavour enhancers that are so bad for your health, it is vile stuff. These bad food ingredients causes your digestive system to go haywire in digesting it. This is why the following morning I feel so bloated and my face shows a gain in weight due to water retention that is triggered by these chemical overload which my body can’t really process well, what with all the salt used in these dishes plus other rich and overly seasoned sauces and gravies that go along these dishes. The other issue being that my eating was so laden with meat and more meat from all these restaurants so this clearly gave my insides an acidity beyond compare. In this connection, I can fairly say that the acidity inside gave way to skin eruptions, eczema, as the body’s way of getting rid of all the toxins, of establishing an alkaline balance in the body.
So at present, I now cook meat from healthy cuts and with only iodized salt, much better if you have access to Himalayan salt, and then I cook it with Virgin Coconut Oil. I use no soy sauce or any other nasty stuff in my cooking.


Now this part of the equation, at first, I went for salads for about a week. But then I was not doing well, the symptoms were not subsiding so I made a long reading online, back and forth, reading here and there. Then I found that eating raw was not food for me, as it heats up the insides, and when you have a leaky gut, eczema, you need to stay away from foods that fire you up like spicy stuff. I also discovered that I would do well with eating cooked food rather than raw. True enough, my skin was doing well with cooked meals. I also was constantly experiencing gas all through the day when I had raw salad leaves. On top of that, eating raw stuff poses a risk about oxalate stones, especially those with issues about the kidneys. Accummulating oxalates due to raw eating, does not sound well to me. Just my own opinion.
I know that the raves about juicing is all over now, but I wish I could tolerate it. I would like to believe that very soon I would heal all over that I am confident that my kidneys are super resilient, then I would give juicing a go!



In all honesty, it is my fault too, I spend too much time in the hot shower. Why? I am suffering from OCD. I am obsessed with making sure my body is clean after using the toilet. I always make a trip to the toilet and then shower thereafter, no way for me to break that cycle.
My OCD makes it so impossible for me to take a quick shower for the sake of now flaring up my eczema. I wish I could correct this thing but as of now, it remains to be addressed.
Showering for a long time is one of the biggest trigger for intense itching and for sustaining that ‘angry’ skin thereafter. I really believe that eczema loves water.
When I healed my first bout with eczema back in the year 2009 and 2010, I went for 4 to 5 days with no shower as I wanted it to heal faster. That kind of set up really worked well for me. But some or most health experts would recommend taking a shower every day to make the skin clean of scabs and the dried fluid that comes out as a result of a severe kind of eczema where it is the ‘weeping’ kind. Although I healed my skin, even with daily showers and plus the fact that I did it for a long duration, I really think things heal faster if I give it a few dry days in between.
I would also like to point out that one MUST instal FLUORIDE and CHLORINE remover in the shower heads.  This is one aspect of my healing where I STRONGLY will fight for as an absolute thing to do. Fluoride in the shower and the tap water wreaks havoc in our bodies. I won’t dare explain the reason for this but you are free to Google Fluoridation Health Risks.  I would also like to point out that I use an Alkaline Water Jug for my drinking water, but if you can’t afford one, it is wise to get a basic water filter jug from Robert Dyas or the local supermarket, as long as you don’t drink straight from the tap! The chemicals and impurities from the tap water makes your liver and kidneys work double time, they are stressed as it is!


I have always been a night person so it goes to say that one of the biggest triggers with my constant issues with eczema is due to sleeping late, and we are talking about 1230 am, sometimes 1.30 am. I stayed with this kind of sleeping pattern for a long time, just changed for the better about 3 weeks ago. I used to think it is so refreshing and feel-good for me to be tinkering around in the house late at night. I don’t know why but I get this feeling of being at one with myself when I work late at night or just browse over nonsense on the Internet.
Again the impact of sleeping late can lead to a stressed out liver. According to some reliable online health articles published by health experts, sleeping late can affect your liver badly, and it also relates to those night shift workers, moreso!  I cannot stress more about the importance of sleeping early so the liver is treated fairly well and allergies and skin problems, overall health issues, are minimised, if not, avoided.
I also would like to share that eversince I was small, I have always been having issues with boils in the skin. This would normally crop up when I sleep late. Apparently, one of the correlations about suffering from boils are to do with lowered immunity, again, issues about sleeping patterns! And I would like to believe that this is related to the liver. I never really gave consideration as to how BIG a role the health of our liver holds!



This is one aspect of my lifestyle where up until now I really do not have the patience to be constantly mindful of it. And I am talking about two things here: Time of eating and the manner of eating.
Time of eating:
I now believe, seriously, that eating late at night is very detrimental to our digestive system. Why? A few reasons.
When you eat past 7.30 pm, apparently your liver is half-awake or not really awake for its role to process the role it does in filtering wastes and toxins from the digestion that happens in the stomach. So when you eat late night, more toxins are not disposed of properly, or shall we say efficiently. This then gives rise to a sluggish and underperforming lymphatic system –  when functioning at an optimal level the lymphatic system mobilises the toxins out of the body efficiently. So this is why when you have a body massage your lymph flow is energised and revived!
The Way of Eating Food in the table:
I have always been a faster eater, no patience. Most people must have the knowledge by now that one must chew food well. 
The reason for this, proper digestion. So when one does not chew the food well, there is more probability of indigestion and heartburn. I can relate my younger brother to this, he is, by far, the worst eater of all time, and the fastest at leaving the table when eating. No wonder, he always has issues with acid reflux among other things. And I am not saying that this is the medical and official reason for acid reflux, it is just my own opinion.
The whole point why I am stressing proper mastication of food in relation to eczema is pure and simple, proper chewing leads to proper digestion. So if one has a habit of eating in a rushed manner, then the poor fellow – digestive system has to work in a very labourious manner so as to meet the challenging task of breaking down and digesting the half-hearted chewed food. This then leads us again to issues about not-so-ideal condition of the digestive system. 
And again this leads to problems with the gut, thereafter eczema and other skin allergies.



If you believe it or not, I gave up using deodorants since January of this year. Before you judge me in terms of hygiene, I make sure I wash my underarms with antibacterial soap during shower times. After all, bacteria and sweat is what makes the unlikely odour.
My reason for giving up using the anti-perspirants or deodorants is simple, it is dangerous for the body, the endocrine glands, especially. Right where our underarms are situated are glands that, with commonsense, can absorb whatever we apply on the skin. And if these cosmetics has aluminum on it, just to name one, this is toxic to the body. You might say that the body knows how to get rid of it, well, would you really want to double or triple the work that your other organs are doing every minute to make sure other toxins and wastes are disposed of efficiently? Or would you rather cooperate and lessen the risks that could result to these commercially promoted usage of fancy and chemical loaded cosmetics? I would not think twice….
Just to share though, I have, time and again, read that constant using of cleaning liquids for the toilet and kitchen or the whole household like bleaches, strong cleaning sprays, are scientifically proven now to cause problems in our bodies. No wonder we have all sorts of allergies and intolerance nowadays. It is not really rocket science that when you spray things like air fresheners in the air, you breathe these particles, unless you believe that they are made not to enter our nostrils! 
These are chemicals, they enter our pathways, then to our lungs, among other things. Again, our body works hard to maintain the stability of our bodies, then after an accummulated time, we begin to experience the bad effects of such repeated use of chemicals.
Again, our liver is to the rescue, among other bad stuff it needs to eliminate. And when the liver is super tired already, overworked, eczema is just one of the results!
My solution to this,nothing yet! I am for ever thinking of making my own herbal handwash and cosmetics for hygiene, but still an idea up to now due to resources and time, and laziness, in all honesty.


I will try to elaborate what I have been using and used all throughout this journey.
Vitamin C  – It was a bit late when I realised that vitamin C has a lot of benefits in terms of helping me with my recovery. I was never into believing that it can really help me a lot not until I have stumbled some information about it. It is said that Vitamin C helps the body up its immune levels therefore it helps with a better resistance to health issues like colds and coughs. I can vouch for this as my very restricted diet before led me to a 1 week bout with colds, then after that I had a stubborn cough for 2 weeks. It was not nice at all. 
I tried to eat oranges again, but I stopped it again due to issues that it is too acidic for my skin condition, plus th fact that every time I eat it, I get really bad, congested nose. This could be the mucous that accumulates? Apparently oranges or citrus fruits are bad for those suffering from stuffy nose or rhinitis. It relates well to me as after I eat oranges my right nostril gets really congested, what a frustration, I really like oranges.
PROBIOTICS CAPSULES – this part of the healing regimen of mine has now some mixed personal opinion, so its best to ask a qualified nutritionist or a good homeopath professional. With my first episode of eczema back in the year 2009 or so, I was taking it constantly for 3 months, it could have played a role in my healing, who knows? But as of late, I have been reacting to these capsules, about March and April of this year, so I stopped it. 
I noticed that during the times I take them, I get really crampy stomach, and my skin reacts in a very obvious manner. But who knows if there were other factors, new food or some veggies? I had no way to know. But until now, I am still unsure of it if I want to get back to it or not. Plus lately, there are some write ups about it, regarding its claimed hype. But one should not limit the options, it is best to try it and see how it affects your eczema healing, after all, I firmly believe it is all about GUT FEELING, you will know if certain foods or supplements sync with you or the other way around. In my case, I assess it by observing my stomach, my overall feeling and my gut instinct. If I feel agitated after taking it, then I avoid it.
Vitamin B Complex – I have never really used it in a significant way, I have tried it once but I reacted badly. I do not know the reason why, I refuse to investigate. But I have read a lot about the benefits of taking such a supplement. In fact, with what is in it like B12, it seems to imply that it could really give a lot of health benefits. And this is why I am planning to give it one more try very soon. In fact, a very close person to me is taking it, it is giving him a lot of benefits, not just physically, but also in terms of mental acuity and overall feeling of wellness. 
I also did mention in one of my writings before, old articles, that I used Glutamine powder. Apparently this helps repair the gut wall, so it helps cure a leaky gut. I would recommend giving it a try and see how it helps your eczema healing. But of course, if you are unsure, please do ask your health therapist or practitioner.


skin cream

As mentioned in my previous articles, Calendula is, by far, my biggest ally. I used to use the commercial variety or brand from Holland and Barretts, but if you can find a better alternative, natural as much as possible, then go ahead, use that.
But if I were to really recommend one?  Get this brand: LYONS LEAF CALENDULA
I SWEAR BY IT. It is really good, and oh so natural! I even use it for mosquitoe bites.

In my own opinion, stay away from petroleum jelly, or those skin ointments that you can find in discount stores, I forgot the name but its in a white jar, and many households are using it, I also did. But it is so thick and cheap that one would know it is loaded with chemicals! It did not heal my skin problem, it is so thick that your skin won’t have a chance to breathe!
(I will definitely be addressing some other concerns about eczema like how to heal eczema scars which I think would be a long process as currently I myself have not really researched about this; as of now I am just letting the scars fade through time which I know will take long)


I know the threat of my eczema coming back will always be there. At this point, I would like to stop worrying about it. And I truly hope, sincerely, that this time, I am in it for the long haul. I want to take my eating seriously. I want to be really careful and mindful of what I eat. I want to have 100% discipline amidst the visual temptations of almond cakes, banana cakes, Victoria Sponge cakes, and lemon drizzle cakes especially the tiny bars from The Cornwall Pasty Company — by far the BEST lemon drizzles I have ever eaten. 
Of course I do miss eating in a buffet restaurant, the buzz and the aroma of all these Oriental dishes, how do I live without it? I need to find the courage and the bravery to finally walk away from it…..
I hope that I have touched someone, somehow. 
Please do not hesitate to ask me some questions. I can speak from my own REAL experience. And it would be nice to hear about how others deal with curing eczema naturally from other people, real life experiences.
Lots of love
Chunky Brian

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