Benefits of Oregano Oil


Herbal oils are not only limited to being a kitchen staple but has since created an awareness as an alternative for quite a wide array of medicinal uses. These oils can be in the form of essential oils, or infused oils, one of which is the very popular Oregano oil.


Oregano Oil

One very popular herbal oil now is the oregano oil. Not only is this a common ingredient in cooking but you can also make use of this oil in other ways.

Oregano oil has many amazing health benefits that we should take advantage of if we are to be truly friendly to our environment as well as to our own being.


Heal Benefits of Oregano Oil


Antifungal and Antimicrobial

this is a lot better than relying on antibioics which we know are quite harsh to our gut, not only that – they are know to destroy your digestive system, specifically the gut flora – then all hell loose you will have complex digestion issues and auto-immune problems.

Its antifungal property is very popular for treating toenail fungus. Plus this oil is now a common remedy for fighting candida, urinary tract infections and yeast infections. The antifungal property comes from its compound called carvacrol that destroys the cell membranes of the bacteria (source


Protection against cancer

Oregano oil is said to now play an important role in cancer protection. This was corroborated in an article from the Medical News Today which reported a study in the United Arab Emirates that found out that this herb encourages cell cycle arrest and apoptosis – which basically means that cancer cells commit suicide.


Very beneficial for Oral Health

Oregano’s antifungal and antiseptic properties make it a very ideal mouthcare product; being herbal – nothing can be healthier and safer for our dental health.

One product which I highly recommend is the Oregawash



Oregawash is a very well reviewed product on This mouthwash boasts of superior antibacterial property coming from no less than pure ingredients in Greece that is guaranteed all natural, vegan, gluten free, alcohol free, no fluoride and no chemical colours. A very good mouthwash that will give you fresh breath plus it fights mouth infections and gingivitis.

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DSC_2286 - Copy


Other health benefits

Oregano is also said to help in skin problems like acne.

It is also good for skin rashes and insect bites.

It is also said to be good for muscle pains and arthritic conditions.


Go Herbal

Now is the time to switch to using herbal stuff be it lotions or soaps or toothpaste. Nothing is more important that providing your family and yourself the peace of mind that the products you submit your bodies into are all pure and natural – from our mother nature.

This is the time to shy away from using things that contain aluminum, fluoride and harsh chemicals that wreaks havoc in our body organs, immune system, gut flora and our nervous system, our moods and our ability to cope with stressful conditions in our ever changing society.


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