About My Journey

Welcome to Chunky Brian Blog!

My blog was born out of my eczema problems – it was so bad that there were a lot of bad days and nights – from frustrations about that stinging feeling in my arms rubbing against my clothes to feeling fed up with not being able to eat many food choices, plus the constant battle with having to do trial and error with skin products.

Blogging was my To Go outlet for my thoughts that time – I was writing 4k to 5k words for my first 3 major blog posts – those posts were so RAW and so me – there was no time to edit to make it look beautiful, but I decided many people will want to know a ‘real’ non-sugarcoated story.

To read about my first few posts back then, see the links:

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My blog has evolved to many health topics now but recently I realised that I must follow one straight voice for this blog – to tackle about allergies, digestive issues and health supplements like probiotics. It is my hope that for those people who are looking into taking a probiotic and are asking questions like: are probiotics really good for you or is taking a probiotic good for you – my blog can be a good source of answers.

Probiotics and topics about skin eczema will be the main revolving theme for my health blog – this is where my strength lies. As such, it would be easier for me to write about natural probiotics foods, health benefits of probiotics, acidophilus pectin, benefits of probiotic drinks, probiotics and IBS, and many other things.

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