How to Cure Depression and Anxiety Naturally

How to cure depression and anxiety naturally


For me the our biggest enemy is our MIND. In my experience, it makes sense to start with our mental boundaries, the thing we have access to – the most.

When we attend to our mind, we should experience an inner calm through time, or instantly – depends how open you are to inner work. Some people are very in touch with their inner selves, while some will be quite new to this.

This is the year 2016, a year where we can expect big changes in terms of how people will look at their lives. Most will begin to question deep things about themselves.

This can be seen through a possible example of someone who is used to the busy hustle bustle of  a metropolitan kind of working life where rushed coffee and newspapers in hand are the norm.


But an interesting twist to this, one day, that one person could wake up and start to question his or her very existence, what am I here for? Is this there is to life? Am I just another corporate person who lives for the weekend of pub nightouts, eating at restaurants, clubbing and all the mundane stuff of modern fast life?

Then Monday comes. History will keep on repeating itself. Until one day, life knocks on you. Life shows you some lessons.


Making time for the SELF seems not so serious, but for me? This is one step that is making the difference in my personal trials and health issues.

I am not perfect. I am a work in progress.


Buteyko Breathing Method

This method was begun as far back as in the early 1950s by a Russian medical doctor named Konstantin P. Buteyko. He discovered that over-breathing or hyperventilation is a major contributing factor to, and quite possibly a cause for many health problems.

This method is by far, very impressive, in my own opinion. This approach takes a lot of training if you were to become a practitioner in this field. There is a substantial investment into this, and it just shows how promising the method is. If I had the money now, I would do this training without even thinking for one second.


According to the website,  Butekyo Breathing method has been showing great results in healing ashtma, COPD, even in a case of adenoids not needing surgery. To read more about this, click here.


Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation has been with us for years and years. Meditation is used to calm the mind and to diffuse the stressors in our lives – and it seems to be very effective, and is quite common nowadays as more and more people are ditching the pills to counteract stress. This definitely is one impressive method if you are looking for how to cure depression and anxiety naturally.

A cut above the rest,  Wild Divine Meditation and Mindfulness gives you an extra tool to deepen your inner work experience.

mindfulness meditation

The complete package comes with a biofeedback sensor which will detect if your mind is wandering, this then alerts the meditation master in the software training so that a guidance can be given. This is also said to detect your hiddent stressors and will provide you with help from the teachings and techniques in this complete mindfulness and meditation package designed for rapid integration with your inner self to help you experience efficient success in your professional and personal life.

A very complete relaxation and mindfulness package program that is very effective at addressing the turmoils of our every day stress.

STRESS is the root of most of our physical problems, according to most well-being experts in both integrative and conventional medicine. Stress weakens our defences. Stress compound our problems and then physical symptoms start to manifest, to remind us that something is wrong with our lifestyle. Such hurried lives we live…..

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Subliminal Messages

According to, a subliminal message is any piece of information that is auto suggested via a recording clip like an mp3 file that you listen to, and these subliminal messages are processed by your sub-conscious mind. Until such time that these beliefs shall have been ingrained in your system that believing them can be as easy as breathing.



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Yoga is a very strong player in the health and wellness world. Who does not know yoga?

Yoga, according to recent testimonies from some patients, according to my online reading and research, has been successful at treating chronic diseases. One example, a very busy executive has been complaining of back pain to such point to that he could no longer run his business due to the extreme pain in his lower back, where all medical avenues failed – he tried yoga. Yoga was the only method that cured him of his ailment.

(this case was a documentary from the health site FMTV)

Fortunately, the practice of yoga is now within easy reach – no need for complicated onsite classes – you can now do it right at home or at work (given you have a relaxation lounge).

One very good site that offers superior yoga on the go is

A very extensive resource for those who are looking to make a big difference in their lives in terms of body and mind healing in order to better function at work, personal lives, inner healing, de-stressing, peace of mind and overall general well-being.


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To add, for me Yoga is very, very good for the body. Because?

Yoga lets you quiet the chatter in your mind. In doing this method, you let your mind focus only on one thing at that given time – everything else is out of the way. Your body and your mind is at one, and this is where healing occurs. When the mind is soothed, when your stress is temporarily on hold, your body is at its most conducive state to allow healing – be it producing natural healing hormones from your brain which then your body can assimilate to, from tissues down to your very cellular level.

Thank you for reading my own writing about MINDFULNESS HEALING!





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