Health Benefits of Resistant Starch


Resistant starch is one of the most beneficial diet fiber that will greatly help in keeping your colon or the gut microbiome healthy.  So knowing the benefits of eating resistant starch is helpful to our health.



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What is Resistant Starch?


Resistant starch is fast becoming a health must-have these days – and no other than the Hungry Microbiome is pushing for its awareness so that more and more people can start to experience its health benefits.

Resistant starch is  a different kind of starch that is able to pass through the digestive tract unchanged. This kind of fiber benefits the colon health in great ways. It is said that the key product of the starch fermentation is Butyrate which helps the colon health.

One of the best sources of this is the Green Banana Flour which contains the RS2 type resistant starch.


Health Benefits of Resistant Starch


Incorporating a resistant starch diet in your daily eating habits could provide the following health benefits:

Prebiotic – feed your microbiome and heal your gut. Green Banana Resistant Starch encourages the growth and activity of microorganisms (e.g. bacteria) that nourish the health of the intestines.

Weight loss – being a good source of fiber, this fills you up. And we know that being a good starch this won’t cause spikes in sugar levels compared to eating complex carbohydrates which are high in glycemic index.

Increase absorption and capacity of antioxidants and minerals – especially calcium which can aide in preventing Osteoporosis

Promote colon health and aide in the prevention of colon cancer

Prevent diabetes and aide in the treatment of diabetes

Lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels

Reduce incidence of gallstones

Reduce symptoms of diarrhea

(texts are taken from the science site  Gut Microbiome


For more information about Resistant Starch, please see the video from the Hungry Microbiome

The Video on Resistant Starch



Food Suggestions

You can use it in your morning breakfasts like muesli.

Banana flour can also be used for baking but as the temperature goes beyond 100 degree celcius, you lose the benefits of the resistant starch.

You can also use the flour in making casseroles, stews and soups.

In my case, I use it to make my gravy for roast meals.


(You might experience flatulence using this but it usually normalises after 2 weeks of using it, but most people give up on this so they fail to see the health benefits)


Amazon Reviews for Green Banana Flour by Nutryttiva

Below is just a snapshot of the reviews so better head to the main site to read the details

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Where to Buy the Resistant Starch RS2 Green Banana Flour?


Look for the product ethically sold by Nutryttiva, a company based in the UK. They are not just selling it, but they are actually very knowledgeable about this product, which is a good seller attribute.

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