Earthing Health Benefits


We are a modern generation that undoubtedly has lost touch of some of our very natural resources which Mother nature has kindly laid out for us to partake so we live every single day with vitality and vibrance through richness and abundance of the Earths natural gifts. Our ancestors were naturally grounded to the earth whereas our modern generation have mostly lost our natural grounding – wearing synthetic sole shoes and living in surroundings that takes us away from the earth’s natural grounding surfaces.

It is time to re discover the Earth and our Health.

EARTHING – a grounding technology.


What is Earthing?


Clinton Ober started the groundwork for Earthing – as a man who grew up in a farming family, he said that connecting to the earth was nothing new to him, it gives him a feeling of being connected in an ‘earthy’ manner.

Earthing is basically grounding. This can be done by using earthing equipment like fitted sheets, earthing universal mat and grounding footwear.

This video from the explains it a little further



Earthing Health Benefits


There are a lot of earthing health benefits, or shall we say, grounding effects

earthing health benefits

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(The following scientific studies were taken from the files from



Reduction of Harmful EMF Radiation


We are a generation that is addicted to gadgets galore, day in and day out. More research are pointing to the risks of using these modern gadgets like smartphones, high tech laptops, especially bluetooth devices that is really taking off like no other i.e., blutooth earphones, workout wrist bands, TV remote stuff, among other things.

According to, electromagnetic field radiation affects the voltages in our bodies, thus causing a disruption in the otherwise healthy electrical impulses that runs our daily bodily processes.

Here is a video that demonstrates this point


Earthing reduces chronic inflammation in the body


In a paper presented by Clint Ober, the summary found out that, indeed, Earthing does produced such results:

When the body is grounded, induced body voltage is significantly reduced, cortisol levels in the body are stable, the subjects in the study experienced significant reduction of pain and inflammation in the body and current research too states that exposure to 50-60 Hz electromagnetic fields promotes free radicals in the body and it also makes them thrive.



Earthing or Grounding reduces bloodv viscosity


Another study authored by Chevalier, Sinatra, Oschman, Delany, found out that earthing reduces blood viscosity – a factor in cardiovascular disease. According to the study, grounding is the most suitable intervention for reduction in blood viscosity and inflammation simultaneously.

The findings in this pilot study indicate that grounding has a safe and significant effect on zeta potential (electrical charge on RBCs or red blood cells) and that further study is warranted.

(The zeta potential of RBCs maintains the fluidity of blood by preventing RBC aggregation)



Grounding affects the immune response, wound healing, and autoimmune diseases


A study from the Journal of Inflammation Research made a study with the following conclusion that “accumulating experiences and research on earthing,  point to the emergence of a simple, natural, and accessible health modality against chronic inflammation” that the conventional medicine should pay attention to. It also states that our tissues which is the core element of our living bodies do need continual recharging in order for our bodies to function in an optimal state.

In the same study, it added that earthing reduces pain in patients suffering from lupus and other autoimmune disorders.

Grounding improves mood

According to the research conclusion published on the site, grounding improved the moods (more than relaxation alone) of the subjects who were grounded for 1 hour compared to the ones who were not grounded.



Grounding Healed a patient who was wheelchairbound


This health breakthrough was documented on the site, in one of their documentary videos. This man was wheelchair bound but he kept on using earthing every day for about 1 year or so, then the miracle happened – he was able to walk, although using a walker apparatus.

What a promising health result that truly demonstrates how reconnecting our contact with the earth has really amazing benefits of which, , maybe, is just a tip of the iceberg.


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