How To Cure Panic Attacks


There is a good article on The Daily Mail UK that says Panic Attack or Anxiety Attack is a fight or flight response of the body, as a result the body is overloaded with stress hormone adrenaline, then very drastic symptoms appear like increased heart rate and blood pressure.

There is also a definition in an article from The Huffington Post that says these are a form of severe attacks of anxiety and fear that just comes with no notice at all and usually will linger for an average of up to 20 minutes in duration.



Symptoms of Anxiety Attack

panic attack

Feeling of overwhelming panic

Choking feeling

Impending doom

Fear of fainting

Feeling of loss in control

Sweating and Trembling


Panic Attacks


anxiety attack

I first notice this kind of personal experience back in late June, 2013, in a buffet restaurant. I was having my regular feast on Chinese dishes when suddenly I felt my chest tighten and my mind raced as well as my heartbeat – I was panting for air. I rushed outside and calmed myself down. Why did this happen? Was it because I got panicky thinking that I must have eaten something that is contaminated with prawns? I am allergic to prawns, by the way. And the bad thing, I forgot to bring my anti-allergy tablets.


The second episode happened when a few days after that I arrived back home in the Philippines for my holiday. Again, I forgot to bring my allergy pill. And this time, I went with a family distant relative, to a native style restaurant out in the outskirts area of the city.

I had no more Panic Attacks after these two. But they started to come back and haunt me as soon as I arrived back here in the UK.


I was flatsharing with a close friend around August of that year. So most times I am left to myself in the house. And in those times I get to dwell a lot about my personal issues like my failed relationship of eight years, that is 8 long years, then suddenly I am alone. This is where it gets nasty as when I am alone I tend to overanalyse things and all sorts of things or thoughts flood my mind. I guess this is my problem, I am a thinker, a contemplating person.

Besides being a loner, I don’t have that many friends close by. I like to shut myself to my own company. Maybe for a lot of reasons. For one, it is hard for others to please me in terms of their ideas and what they want to talk  about. I just want to look at bookshops and new quirky places. I just want to find interesting shops with nice and traditional pastry products or find that cute organic health shop or a big deli that is artisan in nature. You see being a loner is quite a challenge. You want different standards in things that you want to talk about and laugh about. In my case, things have to be something new and inspiring and cute…the dreamy world. Most times someone I know would always say I live in a dreamland. Maybe it is true. Others may see it as bad but for me it is a world I thrive in. A world where I feel that I love to dream about and dwell…..


More on My Anxiety Attacks


A few episodes I have experienced were when I was on the bus. I would hold my breath or calm myself down through my mind that the next bus stop I could skid off and escape until I reach the town centre, this was my trick. But the painful part of these scenarios is every time it ‘comes’ I feel like I about to FAINT and die. I extremely Panic Attacks at the thought that somehow I am about to lose consciousness. I get cold and sweaty hands plus I get hot skin temperature around my neck and cheeks and chest areas, and very obviously my ears get red hot! I guess what makes it more terrifying for me is the fear of losing one’s life at that moment. I am not fond of talking about this dreaded fear but on this topic, I have to.


The biggest episode that happened to me was one night when I was alone, around 9.30 pm. I was in bed already that time. I tried to stay in bed thinking that I can control it better that way as I was feeling relaxed and not moving around. But it the hyperventilation was too much that I finally stood up and opened the window in the hall way and sat on the stairs but then it still kept on going. The racing hear and panicky mind were too intense that I was ready to call the hospital – my last option. But I was too scared to be in the hospital with all those useless medical diagnoses and they will just give you pills upon pills. NOT ME.


Why is it Happening?


Until this day, I really don’t understand why ANXIEY or PANIC ATTACKS happen. And at such random times or events. I tried looking online but mostly people say their doctors are not able to get to the bottom of it. While there is no denying that it is mostly ‘Psychological’, but what really triggers it? Where is it coming from? Has it reached its tipping point? Is it stress at its peak? Is it from a past trauma or from an unresolved conflict from childhood? Who knows……

It is quite scary to realise that when you look online you get to read different stories from people looking for answers. You then get the idea that this particular thing is affecting a lot of people at any given time in their lives. Each person trying to search for that elusive ‘cure’ just like everyone else, including me.

But the good thing for me as of present is that it has been 2 or 3 months that I have been okay. Sometimes I get it, but very rarely now. I believe I had it last when I was thinking too many things like problems or bills to pay and some personal issues.


What Treatments or Cures are There for Anxiety or Panic Attacks?


Many things have been said that can help with this condition. If you were to look online, you can find things such as CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Meditation, Holistic Therapies, Counselling, or seeing your GP or doctor.

According to this article by The Daily Mail UK, CBT is the best front-runner on how to cure anxiety with effectiveness at a rate of 70 – 90% for most people. But what is CBT?

CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, as per Wikipedia, is a form of psychotherapy for depression with which the results are geared toward finding a solution for problems and modifying dysfunctional behaviour or thinking. For a simpler definition, I refer to the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies, the Lead Organisation for  CBT in the UK, whereby it defines CBT as a talking therapy. They also mentioned that this kind of therapy has been proven effective in dealing with emotional and physical conditions in adults and young people.

Lucy Atkins from The Guardian, has suggested 5 ways to avoid panic attacks in her article where she talked to different specialists on ways to deal with it. Below you will see a summary of  it.


5 Ways to Avoid Panic Attacks


  1. Number one suggestion is to breathe for a count of five, expanding your belly. Then you must hold that for 15 seconds then breathe out for 10, and don’t forget to pull your belly button towards your spine. Aim to repeat the process five or six times until you feel at ease.
  2. Next is, keep reminding yourself, especially your mind, that this episode or chaos  won’t kill you, and it is not a heart attack, it is just the body’s reaction of adrenaline rush.
  1. Distract your mind. The quick suggestion is to look at your left shoe and describe it in detail.  This trick will divert the mind’s panicking for the thought itself when there is no real danger.
  2. Cut down the consumption of stimulants as they obviously increase your heart rate. One very popular example is caffeine.
  3. Walk away from the situation.  This can be as simple as physically walking away by going for a walk even for a short period of time in order to relax the body and reduce the amount of adrenaline that is present.


My Own Personal Suggestions on How to Cure Panic Attacks

meditation for anxiety

  1. Listen to a CD on hypnosis:
  2. Make sure your eating habits are good.

You don’t want to be skipping meals and nutrients as it might be affecting you. Check with a nutritionist.

  1. Get some enough sleep.
  2. Socialise with friends to get to talk more and express more.
  3. Read feel good books and magazines.

Shun away from pressurising news about crimes or watching films that make you sad. There just no point in drowning in melancholy.

  1. Gratitude List.

List as many things that you are grateful for……




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