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Eczema, Psoriasis and Acne

The reason for eczema is classically labelled as unknown, however, it’s well understood that there’s a substantial allergic component. It is the major skin disease that can mean a person can be paralyzed to a certain extent. It is a dermatological condition that affects the top layer of the skin. In the center age you may acquire discoid eczema.

Rosacea may be brought on by an irrepressible and exacerbated pride. Rosacea is a sort of skin inflammation that typically impacts the face. Acne is a lot more than a very low grade bacterial infection. It’s also called the frequent acne.

Eczema, for instance, is also referred to as eczema dermatitis. This kind of eczema impacts the varicose veins in the decreased legs and is related to bad circulation. It is also known as atopic dermatitis. It’s not true that nummular eczema is associated with allergies.

Eczema may also be chronic. Moreover, it is caused by the environmental irritants while athlete’s foot is caused by yeasts. The most frequent sort of eczema is atopic eczema and it’s considered to be hereditary. The other sort is varicose eczema that is normally found in elderly folks.

You’ve got several different kinds of warts. Warts are ordinarily transmitted from person-to-person contact. They are caused by different forms of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). They are skin growths caused by viruses. They are skin growths caused by a virus. Just having warts can permit them to spread and infect different elements of your body along with infect different folks.

If you prefer something which is stronger to apply to the epidermis, you will probably need a prescription for such. Your skin is a rather delicate and significant part your physique. It is appropriate for all skin types. Your skin might become overly sensitive. It will look worst at this stage. It is thought that the skin should stay moist and cool, and such remedies often supply the moisturizing nutrients that skin should stay in best shape. Don’t scrub the epidermis, as it can injure it.

Eczema is also a term which is used to describe a number of skin conditions that have these symptoms in addition to being recurrent. It is thought that eczema could be caused by a faulty immune system. Eczema is an overall diagnosis for any type of superficial inflammatory process which primarily requires the epidermis (outer area of the skin). It’s important to be aware of the best strategies to clear up baby eczema to finish the dilemma of your infant. Baby Eczema is among those exact irritating and frequently stressful issues parents face with their babies.

Atopic dermatitis is easily the most common of many kinds of eczema. It’s also referred to as dermatitis and isn’t contagious. Atopic dermatitis is easily the most typical type of eczema.

There are many ways psoriasis can start. As of today, it has no cure. It is a different inflammatory skin condition. It is not a cosmetic problem. Because inverse psoriasis demands these skin folds, it is a lot more common for people that are overweight to receive it.

Psoriasis is an uncommon condition with rare symptoms. The precise source of psoriasis is unknown. It is the most common autoimmune disease in the United States and affects both children and adults. Plaque psoriasis is easily the most common kind of psoriasis. It is the most common but there are many different forms of the condition.

The very best eczema remedies include things like taking certain precautions. There are a number of pure remedies for baby eczema you’re able to use, and they’re gaining popularity every day. There are several home treatments for assorted skin disorders, which make usage of colloidal oatmeal.

Treatment for acne varies based on the form and seriousness of lesions, in addition to the patient’s skin type, age and way of life. It varies depending on the type and severity of lesions, as well as the patient’s skin type and age. There are a number of treatments prescribed for eczema. It is usually effective at clearing it. Secondly, it’s not as well treated by the customary treatments involved with psoriasis.

how to get rid of acne

Practical Tips on How to Get Rid of Acne


Whether you are a businessman about to attend a meeting, a newly-grad who’s about to be interviewed for a job, or a person whose job involves a face-to-face interaction with other people – a bright, clean face is always a beautiful sight.

Since this anterior part of our body is the one that gets to be noticed easily, a blemish-free face is always a must for establishing good interpersonal relations. But not everyone has that smooth skin; other people have blemishes and break outs. This, as a consequence, affect one’s self-confidence, self-esteem, and social life.

This article does not refer to those miniscule inflammations in the face commonly called ‘pimples’. Because for some people, these break outs may go beyond a single pimple or two that it exacerbates to that kind of disease of the skin’s oil-secreting glands. This is acne vulgaris or “acne” for short.

This disease produces horrible outbreaks on the neck, face and shoulders. These eruptions, afterwards, leave pitted scars on the surface of the skin. This condition does not just affect the teenagers; good thing that this condition (or pimples, for that matter), can now be remedied through a lot of ways.


Causes of Acne 

The chronic skin condition is almost always connected with the body’s hormonal activity. This condition then leads to the exceeding activity of oil glands which secretes too much oil. This oily secretion (called “sebum”) accumulates below the skin and can lead to the clogging of pores where bacteria may run out of control. This condition is also considered to be hereditary.


Lifestyle Adjustments On How to Get Rid of Acne

But one’s way of life is also important to consider regarding skin care. In order to prevent acne, food nutritionists suggest that one should not engage in a high glycemic diet. It effectuates a large increase in blood glucose that is often associated with worsening acne. On a sidenote, the chocolaty, greasy or salty foods, have little or no effect on break outs.

Stress also causes acne. This is so because – if we deduce it – stress greatly affects our hormones, which in turn, accelerate the skin condition. There are various ways of relieving stress but one practical tip is to exercise about every other day in a week.

Also, if you’re a cigarette smoker, you might as well stop the puff. Studies show that cigarette smoking is known to increase the risk of developing acne vulgaris.


Practical Tips On How to Get Rid of Acne

Other simple yet practical habits may help you achieve a blemish-free epidermis. Firstly, your pillowcase should be washed at least once a week. On our pillowcase, we sweat, sleep, and yes – drool. All the stuff that sticks to it comes in contact with our face for hours; which simply exacerbates a possible acne situation. 

Another practical tip in combating acne is to never scratch, itch, peel, rub, or pop the outer layer of your skin. While the act of touching your face with your digits won’t cause acne, resisting the strong need to pester it will help on the healing process if you are already suffering from it.


Natural Remedies On How to Get Rid of Acne

It is important to note that there are natural acne treatments that can manage one’s irritating break outs. Some of the common ones include: lemon juice, egg whites, or tea tree oil.

For the lemon juice remedy, dab a cotton ball in the juice, and then apply it to the blemish. The juice serves as an astringent which help cause the body tissues to contract. This dries out the blemishes – but be sure to rinse it off before going outside in the sun. You may use cotton balls for this.

In using egg whites, first rinse your face with the good old H2O, then pat dry. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat the whites from two or three eggs, until they’re frothy; then cover your face with the concoction by using your fingers. Three to four layers is enough, just make sure to wait the first to dry up before applying the next layer. Then after about 20 minutes; rinse it off with warm water.

The third home remedy is the tea tree oil concoction. The oil functions like a solvent that eliminate the extra oily secretion and dead skin cells, while unblocking the pores. It also kills off the acne causing bacteria. To use it, dilute the oil by mixing one part to nine parts water. Dip a Q-tip in the mixture and apply to the problem areas. Another option to the mix is to dilute it with aloe vera gel instead of water – this is advisable for those with sensitive skin.


When to Call for Professional Help 

If you feel like those pimples continue to be a problem even after following this article’s suggestions, you might want to visit a doctor or a dermatologist. Their professional treatments include topical products, antibiotics and other oral drugs. Other therapies are laser peels or chemical peels. Another treatment is the draining and removal of acne cysts, especially if scarring is present.

Common treatments for this chronic skin condition contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. The WebMD website, on the other hand, lists the isotretinoin drug in order to treat the most severe acne cases. This Vitamin A-derived drug is highly recommended for severe skin conditions that do not get better with other medications like antibiotics. A dermatologist may also suggest an anti-inflammatory steroid injection in order to treat the inflamed cysts. These cysts may shrink two to five days after the steroid shot.


Final Heads-up On How to Get Rid of Acne

In a personal level, self-control is very important. Whether you finally intend to have a dietary change, or refrain from touching your face during break outs; discipline is a must. You have to do an “emotional housecleaning”, especially during the process of improving your lifestyle.

You would also need a dose of self-love – that kind of concern for your own self in a good way. You will need the confidence in your own value as an individual; and only then can true healing commence.

My Life with my Skin Rashes and Allergies



This might not be a good first article for my blog, but I have decided it will bring great awareness to other people  who are suffering with this condition, and that – to me – is  a strong reason that is enough to write about it in a personal level. I also hope that with this writing I can help those people searching for natural eczema products as a way on how to treat eczema naturally.


A child suffering from skin problems

Eversince I can remember, my resistance to skin problems has always been an issue. I can clearly remember that when I was in primary school I had this skin condition at the back of my knee, and I want to be blunt about it rather than be embarrassed, but I will use the medical term for it because if I write the common term for it on here – it gives me shivers and I cringe – it is called Tinea. And bless me, the only person that has initiated to give me relief from it, was my teacher. She powdered a penicillin capsule and mixed it with baby oil, gave it to me. Although after that I can still remember that the doctor prescribed anti-fungal creams, then from that time on I lived understanding that these creams were my ‘bestfriends’ that until today I still have one tube with me in case I get panicky about itchy things on my skin. I also want to add that I  easily develop ‘boils’. Again, I grew up wondering why but the past few years I learnt that it has something to do with my diet and my resistance, but this topic I want to reserve for my next writing task as I strongly feel that I can write with extensive regard about these things considering that it is based on a not-so-good personal experience.



I also would like to stress my inborn skin problem which my mother and my aunt have got too,  Keratosis pilaris, or my doctor would give it a layman’s term: skin asthma. For those who don’t know a thing or two about this skin condition, you can read more about this through this link but bear in mind I have never used Magnesium for this condition which the article is all about the condition in relation to that mineral.

I never really gave this problem much attention compared to my severe dry skin problem. Maybe because my skin doctor told me way back then that it is not curable – nothing much she can do about it. She did try to let me apply sort of like a orangey peachy colour kind of liquid that resembled like Caladryl lotion that kids back home used to get when they have itchy skin. Had I known that there are online options for eczema cream uk products that I can choose, my healing would have been much easier.

Relocation and my bouts with dry and sensitive skin

So you might wonder why I have talked so much about the above introduction, let me explain.

I moved to the UK almost six years ago, June 2008, to be exact.  I came here to start a new life with my partner ( but sad to say things did not work out for over a year now) who is English while I am originally from the Far East. So from the time when I arrived here I was in a state of  ‘awe’ to how cheap and readily availabe pastries are in the supermarket whereas back home in Asia you only indulge in these sweet things if you are in a coffee shop, which doesn’t happen a lot, or you are in a birthday party. In short, my newfound addiction to pastries and dairy came about here in the UK. And there was no stopping me.

I then developed a routine of going to Greggs bakeshop on a daily basis to get my dose of caramel doughnut. Quite shocking, isn’t it? But that is how it unfolded. And when food shopping comes, we would pick a caramel ice cream or croissant with pecans. What I am trying to point here, is my change of diet – pastries and dairy. Not good.

From what I can remember, after a month of moving here, I developed a rather strange light black patch but scattered although confined in one area at the top of my buttocks area, in the middle sort of where the spine ends or above the coccyx — sort of like a mouldy look. With this panic scenario again, I went to buy a teatree antibacterial cream which I kept on putting daily but to no avail. It did disappear after about six months but  I can’t really say why or what I did to make it disappear. There were times I used epsom bath salts and soaked in it 3 or 4 times a week.

I also developed severe dry skin the moment I arrived, on my first shower. The conclusion was the water in the UK is full of calcium salts compared to back home. With this I started to use moisturisers or lotions which I used to hate back home, never did use it there.




My Diet

I never really cared about what I eat anyway. I would, on a daily basis, eat white rice and mostly eat it with fried eggs – two, not one! It is fair to say that my daily meals will never be complete without eating meat like fried bacon, canned meat like Spam and corned beef.  And the worst part is, being an Oriental like me, we love soy sauce. I also loved prawns – heaven! I am generally mostly into ‘oily’ foods. While most English people shun fatty parts of pork or lamb meat, I don’t. I literally make sure I buy the fatty parts or else my braised pork dish is bland to my taste. In short, I was stubborn about avoiding fats for health reasons, plus maybe it is this illusion that my body back then was good as a teenager, deluded, I was.

What is frightening to recall was my fondness for prawns, and until about 4 months from the time I moved here, I became allergic. What happened?

I discovered this when I was at a Chinese buffet restaurant where I started to experience ‘palpitations’ and I could feel hot blotches on my cheeks — swollen small areas of my skin, quite bumpy when you touch it. So from that day on I became dependent on antihistamines. And up to this day, I panic at the thought of forgetting to bring my anti-allergy tablets with me, literally hidden inside my wallet. I forgot to say, I stopped eating prawns from that day, as far as I can remember, but let me say, I am quite in denial why I can’t enjoy prawns – they are the best thing for me; had to say bye bye to t-empura prawns and those crunchy coating – thanks to Japanese cuisine.


My Life as an allergy sufferer

Living a life with allergies is never easy. And I am very sure that there are a lot of people that are like me out there, here in the UK.

Speaking from personal experience, this is never easy. I could not go out without bringing a small canister with me filled with skin lotion. To be honest, I find it frustrating. Why can’t I just go out without so much fuss like the regular person next to me? Why do I have to panic at the thought of eating something in the restaurant that has got prawns in it? I realised, life will never be the same again, but it will have to be more of trying to adapt and being ‘friends’ with hypoallergenic lotions and the works. Welcome to the modern world!

To tell you more, this is one of the most frustrating part of my daily routine. My after shower moments. I can’t describe the intensity of that urge to scream due to the ‘itching’ to rub that itchy skin that you get after using the shower. Sometimes, I get bouts of an itchy scalp! But I am the type that I rarely get dandruff so I would not attribute it to that condition.

Sometimes I wonder why this is happening. I have many things on my mind about the reasons why people develop allergies but I won’t discuss it on here. (Reserve for my next writing piece)

There is no denying that my skin condition started me experiencing getting very short tempered and moody. Now, I can finally vouch that mood swings do happen. They are real, afterall.

Maybe, it has something to do with the state of being ‘irritable’ about the frustrating skin condition. You try hard to understand why this is such and such. You try to convince yourself that after a few days, you will get better, you will get back to that normal skin that you used to have. No complications whatsoever.

But with time you learn to accept, to the point that, you start to label yourself as someone with ‘sensitive’ skin. With this, you categorise yourself with the products you use like when you go to Boots to  buy cosmetics or bath products. And there is a certain degree of jealousy that I feel when I see other people use products that are mainstream and for the general public. I am also jealous of the fact that some people can literally pick up these fancy skin products that are so full of fragrance in them while for myself I have to make do with products like Simple with just 100% bland translucency in it. Exciting, not!


Skin Problems and Products

Throughout those years and up to now, I have used all sorts of products, some with good and bad results.

I recall when I was in my University days, my last year to be exact (1997 up to 1998), I was seeing a dermatologist regularly for a common problem: best acne treatment. Why? Mixed reasons, actually, For one, vanity. But it was more of how to get rid of pimples, to be fair. But back then my skin was overwhelmingly classed as ‘oily’. What a contradiction if you compare it what is happening with my skin today.

So those were the days where I started to use a facial cleanser recommended by my dermatologist because I was told I needed a ‘mild’ product for my skin, but all throughout I really liked it as it sounded like a status symbol to me, or that yearning to be different  from my peers. With this product I was able to wallow in my so-called ‘different’ sensitive skin connotation.

Are you wondering what this product is? It is called Cetaphil. Whether this product will work for you or not, the surest thing is, it is a mild cleanser, no irritants at all. It is best to consult with your skin doctor first as to what works best for you. This product worked for me and it might not work for you, it is a case to case basis, really. The bonus is, you get to hear it based on my personal experience with it.

As I was approaching my post-student years, my dermatologist changed my facial cleanser. This time she switched me to Vitamin E soap. I liked it so much that I used until about less than two years ago but I stopped it as I could not find a brand that I could replace the one I used to buy loads whever I go to Asia for holidays then bring it back with me to last me for a few months. If it helps, have a go at these selection and read through it and see if you like it. You can always ask my opinion about it but I am not an expert, I just like anything about Beauty products to keep the ‘reins’ in check as I am approaching 40 (oh no, age). Here is a Vitamin E soap for the face (click the bold link) and one more alternative, a serum which is originally for fine lines but this targets scars and blemishes so it is worth a try, Hope Skin Repair and Intensive Anti-ageing face oil serum with Vitamin E (the good news is it has no parabens and 100% natural).

Keeping back on track, let me talk about what I used and has been using, in reference to my very, very dry skin rashes from year 2008 up to now.

For body wash, I have been using shea butter enriched products. It is a very affordable product that I us when I take a shower. You must be familiar with it as it is all over the shelves in the supermarkets. Drum roll, pause, pause, it is called Simple Body Wash with Shea Butter. This one is more pricey than the regular ones like the vitamin enriched one or the clear or transparent bottle with Aloe Vera. In terms of what I have been using or used, I tried a lot. But I sort of becoming very loyal to anything with shea butter, to be honest. Why? As far as my personal research or reading reviews, she butter is very esteemed to be effective as it is a very rich material and it nourishes the skin like no another, at least to what I can personally vouch. But there are times I also  use coconut oil based body lotion, maybe on the days when I have no budget, no money, to be exact. These products are very affordable and you can look all over the shops and online. Pick your choice!

On a serious note, If I have the extra budget to really prioritise the after-shower condition of my skin – my whole body – I would choose better moisturiser or moisturizer (American spelling) products. By better, I mean more quality ingredients, not just generic and not just relying on eczema cream prescription and eczema cream over the counter options. You might say, ‘Oh I don’t want to be buying these over the top labels  that says ‘natural,’ or ‘paraben free,’ or the very overused word ‘organic’. I can’t blame you either. But here is the deal, people tend to splurge on gadgets like the new phone, Iphones. But when it comes to personal care, we tend to scrimp! In a biological point of view, our skin is our most important posession. Why? Without our skin our body will be exposed to different health problems. Our  skin is our greatest ‘wall’ againts the outside irritants and free radicals and even more serious terms like ‘sepsis’ – basically means a whole body infection when our body is infected with bacteria, according to Wikipedia.


My Goal

I have this feeling that my site’s predominant articles will be about allergies, skin condition, especially Eczema. But I will try hard to talk about many things that I can relate to so as not to make this as blog about allergies, otherwise I might as well get a new name for my site.

With this writing I am really hoping I can reach out to other people with their stories about suffering from skin allergies and bad diets. I have finally found a writing haven where I can share my stories although there were times that it  really held me back thinking that my experiences with this is not valid enough or not a big impact to merit an attention, but hey, why should I worry about that now? As long as I try my best to be genuine about my journey with this skin conditions, it might be a relief to some if they can identify with me and corroborate some daily encounters with having a very sensitive and dry skin.


Do you suffer from allergies?

Please share your experiences via the comment box below………
















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