Cold Hands and Feet and the Causes of Poor Circulation

cold hands and feet

poor circulation problem


Suffering from cold hands and feet? Could be an indication of a poor circulation problem.  Possible causes: Raynaud’s disease, diabetes…..

In this article you will learn:

What are the causes of Poor Circulation in Hands and Feet


The Causes of Poor Circulation In Hands and Feet

#1 Raynaud’s Syndrome

In a post from The Daily Mail, one woman wrote about her problem of freezing hands and feet despite her being an athletic person who does marathons (she also mentioned that she’s been a vegetarian prior to this). What the doctor suspected is a case of Raynaud’s or vasospasm – the arteries go into spasm as a reaction to the cold environment or trigger.


#2 Poor Circulation

Oxygen is vital to our body organs – so when we lack the optimal oxygenation our bodies need, circulation can suffer. But first off, we need efficient blood circulation for the oxygen supply to be able to reach where it is needed, when the opposite happens – shutdown happens, hence the feeling of coldness.


#3 Peripheral Neuropathy and Diabetes

Peripheral neuropathy is a damage in the peripheral nerve endings – fingertips and toes, causing you to feel abnormal sensations in the area.

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, 60 to 70 of people who are suffering from diabetes will develop neuropathy.


#4 Smoking and Alcohol Drinking

This is best explained by an article on Yahoo stating that drinking alcohol diverts the blood supply away from the lower extremities in favour of larger body organs.

Smoking also affects the lungs as it constricts blood vessels thereby influencing the amount of oxygen available to it. Probably why smokers have a wrinkled skin appearance due to poor availability of oxygen and blood supply to vital body systems.


#5 Thyroid Problem

Medicinenet has mentioned that one of the causes could be low thyroid problem.

Hypothyroidism means weight gain due to low production of thyroid hormones which are vital for the body’s metabolic processes. Most sufferers report feeling cold all the time – as a result of impaired temperature regulation function.

It would be wise to consult with a doctor to know more about your thyroid health.

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#6 Heart Condition

The site Healthline states that cold hands and feet can be a sign of a cardiovascular problem – blood flow is reduced due to circulation problems. Plaque can build up in the arteries hence the risk of hear attack. Carotid arteries, specifically, are crucial in delivering blood to the brain, so a compromised carotid artery can well spell a major health risk.


#Vegetarian Diet

My own personal opinion – FYI.

When I eat mostly vegetables throughout the day, I feel much colder. But when I mix in 2 or 3 oven-cooked plain pork sausages, my world lights up – I feel better and my body feels satiated. Most times, pure veggie meals leave me cold and isolated – but I know it is healthy though with my case I try to mix in some meat sources.


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