Eczema and my Superhero: Calendula Skin Healing

Do you ever get frustrated with how dry your skin is after showering?

Do you always look for answers on How to Heal Eczema?

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My Experience


I know there area a lot of calendula healing ointments out there in the market today but it takes experience and a real situation to be able to really find the best solution to a very dry skin which is what happens when you are battling an eczema skin condition.

 I used to rely heavily on everything that has something to do with Shea Butter as it has been massively claimed to be very good for dry skin. Maybe it is, but who knows. Saying that, it is still helpful if you are to choose, for example, a shower gel, as with my case.

BUT with eczema problem? You need more than this.



Calendula For Skin


So in my case my TOP CHOICE has always been a powerful Calendula must-have. IT DOES THE WORK, every single time. And up to this day, I CAN’T LIVE without Calendula.


What is Calendula?




Calendula or Calendula Officinalis is a perennial herbaceous plant that is usually native to Southwestern Asia, Europe or the Mediterranean ( source Wikipedia).This is also commonly known as pot marigold or marigold.


Why I love this product

In all honesty to the point that I bought seeds online to  attempt to grow the plant in my kitchen area but I have not really done it due to laziness maybe, plus  I don’t like gardening. Period.

In my every day routine this cream pacifies my itching and extreme feeling of dry skin right after my shower, well, I only apply it in my affected areas only as it is not a cheap cream. So with my overall body moisturising needs I only use a water-based body lotion.


What is funny is that everywhere I go, that is before I go out of the house, I always check my small sandwich bag (true, I use this) to make sure that I have 1 tube of Calendula product along with my lip balm and a small container of my water-based skin lotion for my hands as they can really get dry especially that I also have a very extreme case of OCD where I bring a pack of antibacterial wipes with me so if I touch public doors or the ones in the toilets, I make sure I have this to use ASAP, for a calmer mind.

I also would like to share that with the areas where my Eczema is always taking havoc, I seem to really get fast healing with using a Calendula eczema care as opposed to using other things like a drop of lavender oil or even antibacterial cream which I have tried in the recent months to see if the redness and the weeping along with the itching will calm down the following morning. I did do this for a time which made me not rely soley on the Calendula product but through a process of observation and trial and error, I certainly notice that the healing really was very apparent with Calendula herbal stuff. Point in fact, a few years ago when my homeopath was trying to find the best topical solution for the ‘angry’ and overly weeping eczema eruption on my left knee, she prescribed a certain colloidal silver product which I only tried to use for 3 or 4 times. I was not sure why I was not keen on it but I really wanted something that will dry the part and will leave it feeling ‘calmed down’ rather than it be dry and I still have that feeling of uneasiness in that area. Saying that, what I always find nice about using Calendula herbal remedy is it leaves a feeling of softness and less-agitated after you apply it on, say about 3 to 4 minutes thereafter. But of course you still have that feeling of frustratingly stinging effect that I get right after I apply something on it – which is not a nice feeling to put up with.


The Benefits


The beauty of Calendula herbal product is the benefits are so well–known both with real life users as well as documentations throughout history. Let me illustrate this fact by looking for an online information about this.

Here we go.

According to a site called, Calendula is a traditional herbal medicine used in treating cases like conjunctivitis, and even snakebites. Wow! I have never heard about this so this is very comforting as to be honest, I am always worried about visiting these jungle-like places to convince myself that I could learn to love nature walks which I am not a fan of where the danger is – snakes! But I was told snakes are unheard of here in the UK. In addition the same website also mentioned that in a study of around 250 women undergoing radiation  therapy the extent of skin irritatin was reduced as compared to using another product other than Calendula. This site also mentioned that Calendula is actually has a very high content of flavonoids. Now, what are flavonoids?

These are anti-oxidants that counteract the ravages brought about by free radicals that damages our body cells which results in lowering our immune levels.


Big wow! CALENDULA is  my SUPERHERO! (I really mean it).



Have you tried Calendula for your eczema?

How is it helping you?




















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