You might dismiss skin aging issues as shallow, not important, but in a society where appearance is everything, wouldn’t it be sensible, serious business to really start paying attention to what the skin needs in order to battle the unsightly signs of skin aging? Is it not shattering to be mostly mistaken as older than your actual age?

LOOKING OLD is never a thing of Happiness.

BUT picture out these POSITIVE things when you TAKE CARE of your skin NOW:

Imagine plump and rosy skin – full of vitality and life to the point of luminousity and transparency – at least in the eyes of the onlooker.


Imagine getting comments of admiration from friends and strangers? Comments of looking 10 years younger that your actual age?

Imagine the absence of relying on heavy makeup that is harmful and damaging to your liver? With all its chemicals, the body’s detoxification organs need to work double time to escort it out of the body, until it struggles to do so – that is when things will get nasty – SIGNS of DULL and AGING SKIN, along with digestive issues, of course.


What is Collagen?

Collagen is a vital part of our bodies. But this starts to decline as we AGE. And when our body is compromised with health problems, collagen production is also affected. Then it shows in our skin, ultimately, our FACE.



Collagen Loss can be seen in our face: skin that is lacking in freshness and life.

To prove this point, take a look at recent photos compared to the ones from before. Can you see vibrance and plumpness of your facial skin? Now, compare it to the present photos. You will most likely see a lifeless face, dark skin circles under the eyes, sagging facial skin, just utter undesirable texture in the skin. And when you look yourself in the mirror, you see a tired and burdened overall facial aura and physical look, from the facial point of view.

We can even notice that the expression on our eyes really gives out a subdued impression, especially when looking at photos.

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What is in Collagen that makes it really VITAL for the SKIN?

Collagen has important amino acids that are key factors in the health of our cells and cellular functions.


Proline and Glycine

Proline plays a vital role in a healthy heart. Healthy heart means efficient blood circulation which influences good distribution of nutrients to the cells in our organs, and the body as a whole. So when one’s circulation is poor, the body function suffers, then it shows in unhealthy body issues, and one cannot escape the BAD SIGNS showing in the SKIN.

Glycine plays a role in utilising the sugar your body needs. This then permits a healthy metabolism – more energy for our body to carry its vital functions. So if there is no optimal energy, one can expect a sluggish body, low energy, and a myriad of health issues which then AGAIN will SHOW UP in the SKIN.



Of course you do!

Would you rather wait until you are in your 60s to start the intake of COLLAGEN in your diet and supplementation?



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