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Healthy Organic Fruit Preserves

The overabundance of fruits in the UK makes it an ideal place to make use of excess supply by way of making lovely and homey fruit preserves that the whole family can enjoy at any time – with no rush and no fear of getting rancid or wasted.

Two of the most popular fruits for Jar Preserves are oranges and plums.


Organic Seville Oranges and Mandarins

Oranges are a familiar site in farmers’ markets and food grocers, with those bright hues of colours beaming with fruity goodness conjures happy memories and makes one yearn for homey recipes befitting for a family that gathers in sharing and love of food as well as company.

Oranges are packed full of nutrients like vitamin C which is essential for our immune system and also to promote collagen production which holds the key to a glowing skin. Vitamin C is also essential for our fight or flight body organ – the adrenal glands. If we are low on this nutrient then our body’s energy will be greatly affected that could result to fatigue. Moreover, vitamin C is also essential in neutralising the effects of free radical damage in our body, increasing our protection from heart disease and other ailments such as arthritis, to name a few.

Here are some photos of orange fruit preserves from a company called the Thursday Cottage – proudly British!

The oranges are sourced from Seville, Spain, above all – they are organic!

organic orange marmalade


Victoria Plum Jam

Plums, according to my research, help a lot with the well-being of our brain cells and cell membranes. Wow! I did not know this  until today – so interesting) According to the site WH Foods, the phenols in plums protect the oxidative damage to our fats. So this explains why it is important for our brain and body cells as they are mostly made of fats.

Plums are also rich in vitamin C.

Plums are also said to play a role in blood sugar regulation, according to the same site, WH Foods, at least to its dried variety called Prunes.

Have a look at this Organic and Proudly British fruit preserve product from Thursday Cottage; their plums are sourced from the East Anglia – how impressive!

organic jam


organic marmalades

Why not try these goodies and experience the true goodness of truly British made foods?

Thursday Cottage is ranked as one of the most admired Fruit Preserves company in the UK.

Click here to visit the know more about the company and its products



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Flaxseed Coldpressed Oil

Health Benefits of Flax Seeds


Health Benefits of Flax Seeds


#1 Weight Loss Superfood

Said to be a super fighter for killing sugar addiction as well as minimising the tendencies for cravings and ending episodes of overeating, according to an article by Dr. Axe. It is also said to be low in carbohydrates that is why it is ideal for those wanting to lose weight.

Flax seeds are also said to be a laxative hence it allows quicker bowel movements and freeing up the body from delayed excretion of bodily wastes.

(Note: Flaxseed oils don’t contain fiber)

#2 Omega-3 Powerhouse

One of the most popular fatty acids now in the health arena as it is considered to be anti-inflammatory compared to the omega-6 which is pro-inflammatory.

Has EPA and DHA that permits a normal heart rhythm and also promotes good blood flow as well as slowing and stopping inflammation, according to the health blog Good Food Eating.

#3 Colon Cleanser and Anti-Cancer

Flax seeds are rich in fibre content hence it is really beneficial in colon cleansing protocol as it promotes healthy bowel movements. In this connection, it may also prevent the growth of tumour and the spread of cancer, due to its components – ALA fatty acid and lignans (source


#4 Prevents  Male Baldness

Flaxseeds are rich in Alpha Linolenic Acid or ALA which inhibits testosterone conversion into DHT, said to be responsible for shrinking the hair follicles in men.

It also plays a role in making sure the hair is strong and resistant to breakage – due to its rich content of omega-3s



#5 Good for the Heart

Rich in antioxidants that fight inflammation.

According to the health site, Dr. Axe, flax seeds are rich in ALA which is said to be beneficial for the heart. In the same article, it stated that there was a study that found that regular intake of ALA rich foods had lowered the sudden cardiovascular death of women.

#6 Healthy Skin

Rich in health fats that supplies the body with essential fats needed to preserve the skin’s moisture content and it also keeps the skin hydrated. This also addresses issues related to skin dryness and flakiness.


Where to Buy Flax Seeds and Flaxseed Oil?

One very good company that sells Flax Seeds food products is based in the UK – Health Embassy. This company has an admirable selling ethos as well as production standards.

Health Embassy


These are their sample products that are sold all over the UK to their ever-growing customer base:



Health Embassy Flaxseed flour



Nigella Sativa Seeds

(Click on the photos to purchase items on the Health Embassy site)


Safety Precaution:

Flax seeds may interact with certain medications so please talk to your doctor first.

It is also contra-indicated to some health conditions like diabetes and those prone to bleeding, please do your research prior to taking flax seeds


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Benefits of Using Argan Oil

Morocco is home to one of the most revered natural anti-ageing beauty oils today – the Argan Oil. Argan oil comes from the nuts of the Argan tree which is said to take around 15 years for it to start bearing nuts used for extracting the oils.

I have used Argan Oil for over 6 months and it has been a great natural face moisturiser for me, as I am avoiding chemicals and harsh cosmetics due to eczema problems. This oil has a nutty aroma to it that makes it perfect to use as I can be assured that it is really the real thing – not deodorised or treated with chemicals.


Benefits of Argain Oil

Anti-wrinkle fighting properties – because it is rich in Vitamin E, this makes it one of the most promising product for ageing skin. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that greatly helps in regeneration of the skin cells.

Acne – according to the site Health Avenue, this oil is good in cleaning out the skin pores so in that respect it helps the skin breathe and allow healthy flow of nutrients vital to the skin’s ideal condition compared to having clogged pores that can be a breeding ground for all sorts of skin issues.

Anti-radiation – according to the site Naturally Healthy Concepts, argan oil is rich in carotenoids which is beneficial in protecting the skin from UV radiation and free radical damage.

Prevents Skin Aging – because it is rich in Phytosterols, this is ideal for making sure the skins moisture content is retained as much as possible; it also is said to prevent skin aging as it plays a role in skin metabolism, as per Naturally Healthy Concepts.

Good for the Hair – the Vitamin E content of this oil is said to stimulate hair growth and can play a role in maintaining the hair strand’s strength.

Body Moisturiser – this oil gets absorbed very quickly making it ideal for skincare regimen. The fact that it is rich in Vitamin E just proves its worth in keeping the skin supple after the drying effect of showering. This oil is rich in plant-based components and devoid of harsh chemicals which, again – is key to mosturising the skin – and it can penetrate the layers deeply as well.

Psoriasis and eczema – as this oil is rich in antioxidants plus its rapid absorption state, it is a popular alternative to steroidal creams for skin problems like eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. One customer from Amazon claimed that even after just a few applications her psoriasis started to clear up.

Hair Conditioner – as reported on the Dr. Axe article, argan oil can be used as a natural night time hair conditioner.

Stretch Marks Remedy – said to be very beneficial in addressing problems  related to stretch marks due to its rich content of Vitamin E and A (source Dr Axe health site).


Buying the Best Argan Oil

You can purchase it directly on Amazon without any problem.

When buying there are some things to look out for :

Make sure it is Organic, Unrefined, Pure, Coldpressed and packed in a dark bottle to retain its benefits as much as possible.

Check this brand by  Truly Moroccan



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Shea Butter Skin Benefits

Do you suffer from a myriad of skin issues like severe dry skin or itchy and flaky skin? You are not alone.

Fact: According to the Daily Mail UK article there are 47% dry or severe dry skin sufferers in the UK – what a huge number that is!

So what can shea butter do about dry skin problems?


The Many Benefits of Shea Butter

Shea butter is rich in skin healing nutrients like Vitamin A and E.

Vitamin A is said to be helpful in maintaining the skin’s good condition and can greatly help in problems like dermatitis, eczema, scaly skin and even serious issues like psoriasis.

Vitamin E is said to play a vital role in addressing inflammation that is why it is a very popular ingredient in skin serums that is geared to address ageing skin issues. This vitamin is also a great protector in fighting the ageing effects of sun exposure – what it does is it absorbs the UV light from the sun when applied on the skin.

Shea Butter is rich in Vitamin A so it is a potent must-have form moisturising the skin.  What is impressive about this is that the components of shea butter is said to be the same that can be found in our sebaceous glands, hence why it is effective, according to the site Shea Institute.

According to the Dr. Axe’s site, shea butter has the following benefits:

boosts collagen production

rich in stearic and oleic acids

high amounts of saturated fatty acids

contains anti-tumour compounds


Why is Shea Butter a super skin must-have?

Shea Butter is otherwise known as The Tree of Life due to its high healing fraction percentage, unlike other oils, according to the Shea Institute. Because of this higher healing fraction, it makes it one of the best healing butter for skin issues like blemishes, wrinkles and burns and skin allergies.

How to Look for the Best Shea Butter to Buy

One key factor to decide upon is that it must be Organic. It also must be Unrefined and Raw.

Have a look at this product by SheaLite. The product is said to be 100% Soil Association Organic approved.

shea butter

You can purchase this on Amazon and be confident that it has almost 688 high reviews from the customers.


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Top 5 Sleeping Tips To Relieve Back Pain



There is a recent survey where most people say that their back problems have improved due to buying the Right kind of Mattress – better sleep means reduced back problem or back pain. In fact, an article from the Huffington post has claimed that a study by the National Sleep Foundation found that 92 percent of people reported that a good and comfortable mattress is important for a healthy sleep.

Memory Foam – this kind of mattress is fast becoming a global trend in addressing the need to have a better sleep.  Why? This material is claimed to support the body lines and curves, may relieve painful pressure points therefor can affect back pain, distributes body weight evenly, highly absorbent and soft, and can mold the body in response to heat and pressure.


Why Not Try these TOP Recommended Mattresses?



KEETSA Eco Friendly Mattresses




WRIGHT                             WRIGHT BEDDING





According to Woman’s Own Magazine (page 31 of March 8, 2016 issue), our spine is made of discs which contains about 80% water, so during the day as gravity can have an influence on the spine – water tends to be squeezed out of the discs which can then put a strain on the back.

In addition, as a personal opinion, when we are dehydrated – we tend to function at a non optimal level which then can make us struggle physically as our body is on ‘alert’ trying desperately to keep our electrolytes ratio balance which for sure can affect our ability to hold a proper posture, and in doing so – gives us a strained lower back feeling.




Some studies have found out that bad sleeping positions can put a strain on our lower back. Common sleeping positions like sleeping on one’s side is said to affect the ideal curvature of the spine all night long. It is also reported that sleeping in a stomach position can greatly affect the lower back as it interferes in the natural ideal body curve of the spine.

So what is the best sleeping position? Most experts agree that sleeping on one’s back is ideal as it is in conformity to our body’s natural line and curve – hence no added strain on our back.




Exercise promotes healthy movement of fluids in the discs which are found in the spine, according to the site Spine-Health. It added that the benefit of an active body means that the discs can perform the ‘sponge action’ which basically enables its much needed bodily function to distribute nutrients within the discs.

The Mayfield Clinic also have an article stating that most active people are more resistant to back injuries and pain. The same article suggested back exercises that are geared for strengthening, stretching or aerobic.




The Colorado Spine Institute defined body mechanics as how we use our body to go about in our daily activities. It also states that poor body mechanics is mostly the top reason for back problems. The reason for this? Poor body movement can subject the spine to great stress that can – over time – cause a wear and tear, specifically the discs and joints.


Recommended Exercise for Lower Back Pain


Source: Jen Hilman from the Psyche Truth Youtube Channel










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Vitamin C Serum

Best Vitamin C Serum for Face


Hyaluronic acid serum and Vitamin C: The Big Review

Vitamin C for the skin is the skincare world’s most powerful weapon, I must say, along with the equally super effective fountain of youth benefits of hyaluronic acid.

Vitamin C Serum benefits are fast becoming more and more clinically evident as well as getting more popular with real life consumers advocating the impressive skincare results.


Product #1 –  C SUPER SERUM

By Dermasensa

best vitamin c serum for face

Size is 20 ml/.67 FL Oz

Cost $75


Dermasensa’s products are by far one of the BEST I have ever seen!

Imagine a Vitamin C serum formulated by a brand created by over 20 MEDICAL DOCTORS? Can anyone beat that? DEFINITE NO!


What are the ingredients for this Vitamin C serum?

Main ingredient is 20% L-Ascorbic Acid which is the OPTIMAL ration composition as per doctors.

Clearly a potent face serum with impressive top of the line ingredients like Vitamins E and A.

Vitamin E – is one of the most important and potent pair for Vitamin C, from what I have read – when you combine the two, you have the powerhouse for anti-ageing power skincare product!

Vitamin A – a very vital part of skin repair and maintaining ageless beauty. Vitamin A promotes efficient blood flow in the dermis – where the collagen and blood vessels are – so this process can really influence in delaying or reducing the havoc of wrinkles. Vitamin A also is helpful in hydration in the cells which reflects in the skin, wound repair and is good with the exfoliation process.

Other ingredients:  cyclopentasiloxane and chamomilla recutita (MATRICARIA) flower oil


buy button



Advantage of C Super Serum over other products

Oxidation resistant – this means that unlike other products whose potency is greatly reduced after a week or two due to opening and closing the bottle – this one is definitely OXIDATION resistant!

Water free – built for pure potency like no other – you are gettin the PURE 100% value of what you are buying – the expertise of the doctors behind it plus the potency of the serum

Powerhouse of DOCTORS

Dermasensa C Super Serum


As per the words of Dermasensa website, C Super Serum is a TOP of the line product that is packed-full of antioxidant benefits to repair and stop photo damage effects on the skin, diminish the appearance of fine lines, boost collagen production as well as brighten and even out the skin tone.



What’s NOT to like about C Super Serum?

The only bit of a downside for some people (might be) is – the price.

But for me? PRICE speaks for what you will be getting, and if you value WHAT you put on your face, then you need not worry about the price.

FACE is YOU. Would you devalue your facial needs over buying that expensive earrings or luxurious mobile phone purchase?

How to Use C Super Serum?

As per the Dermasensa site, use just one or two pumps for entire face, neck and decolletage (means to apply on the neck, shoulders, back and chest)

Best steps to do:  After cleansing or toning apply to dry skin BEFORE any other products. If only using once per day, use at night.

Recommended for better results: use twice and follow with sunscreen in daytime.


 Customer Reviews

vitamin c serum review

(Based on the website’s feedback from its customers)

vitamin c serum review

vitamin c serum review

Favourite new product, as per one customer’s review. She also said that she loves the smell! Smell has always been her problem with OTHER products – they stink and the smell could go on for hours plus the fact that she is smell sensitive. But she was really converted by Dermasensa’s product – it smells great and the texture is smooth and distributes evenly compared to the old products she has tried which were oily and runny and thin.

vitamin c serum review

As per one customer it feels like silk!


Rating of Dermasensa’s C SUPER SERUM

five star rating



If you are serious about addressing the signs of skin ageing, wrinkles or fine lines in the face.


Where to Buy C SUPER SERUM?

Go on to Dermasensa’s Shop website via this quick link

buy button

And payment via card and Paypal is accepte plus the good news is they also accept American Express.

card payment


There is also a refund and customer service portal on the website, quite easy. Just click on the Refund Policy page on the website, bottom section

More Benefits if buying Dermasensa Product





Product #2 – OZ Naturals Vitamin C Serum

oz naturals vitamin c serum

Size:  1 oz

Cost: $22.49


Oz Naturals claims that its Vitamin C Serum is the best product because it is organic and it is very effective and has been proven to instantly increase collagen production in the skin plus a fast cellular turnover. This product also guarantees immediate results after the first use – brighter and more radiant complexion.

Also claims that Allure magazine has voted it as Best in Beauty Vitamin C Serum….

(Note: tried to locate proof of this magazine claim but could not find one online)


What are the ingredients for this Vitamin C serum?

Oz Naturals Vitamin C Serum has 20% Vitamin C

Hyaluronic acid (botanically derived)

Jojoba oil (organic)

MSM, Witch Hazel, Organic Aloe, Phenoxyethanol, Ethyl Hexyl Glycerin,

Carbomer and (2s)-2-Amino-5-guanidinopentanoic Acid

astaxanthin, rose hips and green tea


Advantage OZ Naturals Vitamin C Serum over other products

This serum capitalises mostly on its organic quality and use of organic ingredients, as per product page on Amazon.

This serum is claimed by its manufacturer to be safe for daily use and works well with all types of skin.

Does not contain parabens or alcohol

This serum is thinner than our other serums and claim to be the most bioavailable serum on the market.


What’s NOT to like about OZ Naturals Vitamin C Serum?

In my research, the only issue I have come across about this serum is that some people complained that it is making their skin really tight and dry, but the company recommended to really use a high quality moisturizer after applying it.

Some people’s reviews on Amazon suggested that they like the original formula and that this formula was too thin – some said its like water…..

NO Vitamin A


How to use OZ Naturals Vitamin C Serum?

On the Amazon site, it saysWash and pat skin dry. If using a toner, apply the toner before the serum. Apply a small amount to entire face, neck and decollete, as per usual. Allow to dry. Follow with a face moisturizer.

(Can be used daily; can be used under make up)


Customer Reviews

customer reviews

One customer said that her dark spots has really gone lighter and lighter…

One customer said that she keeps this in the refrigerator to preserve the Vitamin C stability…

One customer liked it as it’s a cruelty free product…

A customer received the product in exchange for a review – she said that she likes it as it absorbs quickly and no fragrance noticeable plus you only need a drop to apply on the face.

A customer gave it 1 star rating as it did not make a difference for her….

(More Reviews on AMAZON through this link)


Rating of OZ Naturals Vitamin C Serum

I would rate it as GOOD product.

But for the cheap price that it costs? You only get what you pay for. But for my face, I would go PREMIUM.

But it’s a good product – worth a try!

And for those looking for skin breakouts, this product could be the vitamin c serum for acne scars as well, according to some reviews on Amazon.


Where to Buy OZ Naturals Vitamin C Serum?

This product can be bought on Amazon UK and USA sites.

Click here to go to Amazon



yoga training


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probiotic review

Perfect Biotics Reviews: The Good Probiotics

This is going to be the Best Perfect Biotics Reviews that will ever be out there online – I can guarantee this will spell the difference between the good probiotics and the not.

So to all those health-conscious readers, one massive blog post for you!

Here we go, the Perfect Biotics Review!


What is Perfect Biotics?

Perfect Biotics Probiotic supplement is produced by Probiotic America – a supplement that is vegetarian.

Manufactured by the brilliance of Dr. Cary Nelson – a family medicine doctor in

Los Angeles, California, who has been practicing for over 10 years now. 



advanced probiotics




Perfect Biotics Probiotic America claims to be :

Doctor formulated

America trusted

High potency for fast results

A complete digestive support

and proud to have the Industry-best guarantee


Perfect Biotics Reviews: Who is Probiotic America?


probiotic america


American company that holds strong for its vision to be the frontrunner for superior research and development of gut microbiomes  or beneficial bacteria in the probiotic supplements industry for the advancement of our health, through good probiotics.

Probiotic America believes that the health of our gut is responsible for giving us the energy that we need and for keeping us healthy. This company also believes that probiotics holds the key to the future of human nutrition. This claim can be substantiated with the Probiotic America Reviews that you can search online

With more and more people now getting affected by the ill-effects of antiobiotics and also the additives and preservatives in the foods we eat, the gut health is always compromised. Probiotic America believes that probiotics supplements can safely restore the digestive health.

advanced probiotics


Perfect Biotics Reviews: What strains are there in this Probiotic?


perfect biotics


This product has one of the most popular and must-have strain called the acidophilus probiotic. With its amazing live probiotics content, you are in for a superior product.


What makes Perfect Biotics one of the Best Rated Probiotics?



Perfect Biotics is no doubt the leader in its medical industry considering that as per the manufacturer – it has 30 Billion CFUs or Colony Forming Units, a real benchmark as a good probiotics.



Perfect Biotics is not claimed to be the Top Probiotics without any reason at all, it has 15 probiotic strains in the Super Probiotic Formula that it clearly stands as a supplement.



Good probiotics needs no refrigeration! It has been crafted to withstand travel and to remain stable at room temperature. Why I say good? Because most people now live demanding lifestyles, travel and convenience.


This product has been designed to survive from the stomach all the way to the digestive tract or the gut. This product characteristic is called Survivability – very essential factor when buying a probiotic supplement – as most supplements for the gut are ineffective due to barely making it to the digestive tract where it is needed (stomach acids can be very strong for the strains to survive), hence why I believe that live probiotics are essential.

Boasting a cutting edge manufacturing facility where genetically engineering the end product is the goal to make sure that potency and quality as well as effectiveness are guaranteed from bottle all the way to the consumers’ hands.

This brand is making sure that each and every batch of supplements are of TOP NOTCH quality by testing ONSITE as well as getting the services of third parties to test quality and ensuring the highest standards are met.

The company makes sure that the supplement’s delivery is super efficient to avoid rendering the capsules from getting stale and therefore ineffective when it reaches the consumers’ hands – all about preserving the ‘freshness’ of the product.


What are the health benefits of Perfect Biotics?

Dr. Nelson has stated that a 15-strain probiotic supplement is the optimal range for a person to experience the healths benefits of supplementing with probiotics as it can target different parts of the digestive system.

In my own assessment, this product is a good choice for those looking to buy probiotics for weight loss, as  a goal. Why? With its numerous strains, it will greatly nurture the digestive system and therefore will yield an efficient digestive system which equates to lesser water retention and bloating, all can be related to weight gain issues.

HEALTH BENEFITS of Probiotic America Perfect Biotics:

Bifidobacterium Bifidum – said to be beneficial in fighting candida or candida albicans

Lactobacillus Salivarius – could fight againts gingivitis and dental cavities

Lactobacillus Casei – may help in controlling inflammatory responses especially in people with Chrohn’s disease

Lactobacillus Plantarum – may play a role in healing wounds and burns

Lactobacillus Plantarum – immune boosting healing effect on the body

Lactococcus Lactis – may play a role in breaking down carbohydrates in the diet

Lactobacillus Paracasei – significant good results with people suffering from dermatitis

Streptococcus Thermophilus – may alleviate toxic load for those suffering from respiratory infections

Lactobacillus Acidophilus – supposed to help with lowering the blood pressure and also benefits problems related to cholesterol

Bifidobacterium Breve – may play a role in reduction of gas and bowel issues in the stomach and intestines

Lactobacillus Brevis – can be helpful for those suffering from oxalates issues related to kidney stones

Bifidobacterium Lactis – being used in the treatment of IBS or irritable bowel syndrome

Lactobacillus Bulgaricus – known to be capable of knocking out the deadly E Coli and also may draw toxins away


How to use Perfect Biotics?

Many people are always asking when is the best time to use probiotics. For this brand, the suggested ideal time to take is preferable with a meal.

One capsule daily is the dosage that is suggested as per manufacturer’s site.


Does Perfect Biotics or Probiotic America have any side effects?

This Perfectbiotics Reviews article supposes that Super Probiotic Formula is a very potent product so this might have some initial reaction, for some, according to a review from one particular website that I bumped into as my mini research if there are side-effects from the public users. In that site it mentioned that the user experienced a bit of stomach sensitivity for a day or two days – reason being could be that the strain is really potent – but the user was OKAY after that.

Some websites mention that because it has rice, it could have an allergy risk, BUT really? come on….  In my own opinion, one has to has a superio serious allergy to even react to rice as an ingredient. But of course, if you are allergic – as in medically diagnosed to be allergic to rice then stay away from this.


Common Questions about Perfect Biotics


What if I am not satisfied with the product?

Offers a no quibble policy 90-day Money Back Guarantee

Is it for everyone?

Anyone who suffers from digestive issues can be helped by taking this probiotic supplement, according to the website. But for me, also, this product is a good choice for those in search for probiotics for weight loss, after looking at the impressive strains in it.

What if I have some questions about the product?

Top quality Customer service support is always available 7 days a week for whatever questions one might have, be it pre sales or after sales and even re ordering.

Is Probiotic America a reputable company?


Be confident that when you buy, your financial details are safe as their site has a seal of approval from MASTERPASS and also PAYPAL  and the site is also secured by the best Internet security you can have – Norton.


Perfect Biotics Reviews

These reviews are my own summary from my online research in some blogs which I think could benefit the readers.

What people are saying:

This person has been  using the supplement for 1 month and has experienced a lesser stomach distress plus a reduction in weight…

One person is saying that noticeable results usually manifest around 10-14 days, depends on the severity of one’s condition….

One user is satisfied with using Perfect Biotics and it has been 3 months of using it…

Some people found it too potent and experienced cramps and frequent trips to the toilet….

One lady has been using this supplement for 2 months and she finds it helps her especially her case of gastritis – took her 14 days to observe the benefits

These are just some of the Reviews of Perfect Biotics that I found online, I am sure there are many more…


Is Perfect Biotics one of the Best Probiotic Supplements?


Why? Because this product does not need refrigeration, can last up to 1 year on the shelf withoutt losing its freshness and effectiveness, according to the website.

Formulated by a respected doctor that actually uses his own products and who has found relief with this supplement as opposed to the recommendations by his colleagues in the medical profession.

A product formulate in the USA so it has very high and strict manufacturing standards.

This product’s MAIN DOMINANT FACTOR as a winning probiotic supplement, aside from its strong acidophilus probiotic, is its SURVIVABILITY all the way to the gut where it is meant to be!  And it is my own opinion that most supplements fail as the strains or beneficial bacteria are toppled by the stomach acids even before reaching the gut.

I really hope that this Probiotic America Review will serve as an inspiration for readers to decide and be open to its health benefits…..

Where to buy Perfect Biotics?

Being a very superior probiotic supplement, this can only be bought online and – directly on the Probiotic America website.





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Reference for content:

Probiotic America site




4 Body Healing Health Supplements for the Body



Magnesium Supplement

Magnesium is really fast coming to its awareness as one of the most important minerals today that most people are lacking, in fact – touted  at as one of the underlying causes of many illnesses today.

Magnesium deficiency is getting common nowadays due to people getting more and more overworked and doing things like extreme fitness routines, which only tax the adrenal glands to perform overtime in order to cope with exercise, increased stress levels. Plus people with leaky gut issues experience nutrients malabsorption, people with prolonged use of antibiotics too. There are also studies pointing out that excessive drinking can cause a deficiency in magnesium, and my guess is that drinking taxes the adrenals then all other chaos follow thereon….


Health Benefits of Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium helps our muscles relax – proven many times, this mineral cures leg cramps. This maybe also why people get relief with taking magnesium for migraines, the relaxing effect counteracts the tension that builds up.

It is also needed for production of glutathione which is a function of the liver, so in consequence our body functions get affected when the liver is affected.

May help address heart palpitations. Many studies have proven this benefit, as well as reviews and feedback from people using this mineral in curing their heart palpitations or arrhythmia.

May lower the risk for Type 2 Diabetes. More and more claims are showing that this mineral indeed can help in the bout of type 2 diabetes for the simple reason that they say it connects to better blood sugar regulation, that is glucose.

It can help bouts of insomnia. Given that this mineral makes one relax, it also affects the nervous system which then calms it – the effect is conducive state for sleeping.

May help Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It is said that people who are chronically ill have depleted levels of magnesium. This makes sense as this mineral is part of the balance between potassium, calcium, sodium which are all important for cellular function.


Magnesium Taurate Amazon Reviews

A customer has written on Amazon reviews section that she has been using Magnesium taurate for 4 months now and her episodes of heart palpitations have reduced as well as the intensity of it too.

A customer made a review on August 2014 saying that she is doing a remineralisation program to help her with her muscle at cramps at night plus the magnesium spray – she has been having improved quality of sleep.

A customer by the name of R has written that she has been getting more energy using this supplement along with sleeping better and not experiencing ‘shakes’ anymore. She also reported getting loose stools the first day but it normalised after that. This customer is highly recommending this supplement.


TRY THIS Magnesium supplement by Douglas Labs




Quercetin supplement

Quercetin Supplement

Quercetin is a very popular antioxidant in the market today. It is rich in healing benefits as a flavonoid or antioxidant with numerous health benefits supported by growing studies in the health arena.

Some vegetables that are rich in this flavonoid are apples and berries.

Quercetin is said to be a cardiovascular support, as per a brand on Amazon store….


Health Benefits of Quercetin Supplements

Quercetin is super Anti-inflammatory. This is by far its biggest attractive factor why people use this supplement. It is said to be really potent in cushioning the ravaging effects of free radicals in our bodies such as aging and inflammation issues.

Helps promote younger skin. Again, being a super powerful antioxidant, it is a defence against aging effects of inflammation.

It may help fight against cancer. Diet rich in antioxidants are said to have lower risks of cancer – this is where querceting comes in.

It may help againts heart disease. Studies show that the anti inflammatory healing property of this supplement can help againts heart diseases. Reasons? Simply put the body is totally supported in coping with stress from body trauma and inflammation brought about by different factors that puts the body in constant ‘alert’ therefore more increased stress levels, higher inflammation which leads to the heart overworking and undernourished from its supply of blood and oxygen (well, my own theory, at least).


Quercetin Supplement Amazon Reviews

A certain customer by the name of  A.B. on June 2015, wrote that she has been using quercetin supplement along with her mother too who suffers from asthma and finds that this works a lot better than inhalers. But in her case, she has a fish allergy. She always take it with her as even when she passes by a fish counter she experiences breathing difficulties. She takes this if she needs to and in 30 minutes she is fine.

Customer named W.M. has written that he or she has read that this supplement helps with brain fog issues along with cardio related functions too. This customer added that he or she has allergy health problems. Customer remarked that after taking this supplement for one week, there was a great difference about the brain fog issues.


milk thistle


Milk Thistle Supplement

Milk thistle is the super frontrunner for anything that has to do with liver health. In all these years that I have been reading about health articles online and offline, milk thistle rocks! In fact, I used this way back when my eczema was at its peak, my liver had to have support as per my homeopath therapist. But back then, I never really cared much about this supplement…


Health Benefits of Milk Thistle Supplements

May help the liver. This is a very known benefit ot taking milk thistle for many, many years now. Milk thistle is beneficial in cases of liver cirrhosis, hepatitis and other liver related diseases, according to many studies.

It can also help the kidneys. Surprised? Don’t be! My theory is that because when the liver is overworked and in bad shape, the kidneys have to work hard to function in relation to its excretory job for the body, so naturally when the liver is in good health, the kidneys also benefit alongside it.

Milk thistle helps one to have good skin. In this claim, this is my personal opinion. If your liver is very healthy or is in peak shape, it shows in the skin. So if you are taking milk thistle for a time, the results will show, somehow – and this have a knock on effect on the skin – when your liver is very efficient in excreting toxins, then your skin is fine and happy – an alkaline body from the inside has no risk of erupting with all sorts of skin problems due to acidity in pH.


Milk Thistle Supplement Amazon Reviews

Customer named A.M. made a review dated February 2014 saying that she is happy with the supplement as it reduced excess heat from her liver, she could tell by the reduced redness of her tongue.

Someone  also said milk thistle is good for constipation health issues!

Customer named A.E. gave this supplement 5 stars as it helped her with digestion health issues.




Adrenal Support Supplement


The adrenal glands are often under-attended to, if I may say. Mostly people are concerned about the heart or the skin, among other body organs. But the adrenal glands have really caught my attention since last year – what they are and the impact on the health if they are rundown.

The adrenal glands stabilise a lot of our hormones in the body – collectively, functions of the endocrine glands.


Health Benefits of Adrenal Supplements

Adrenal support supplements enable the adrenal glands to cope with the up and down stress nature of people whose health are compromised.

May nourish the adrenal glands in terms of its nutritional support needs so it can function better in times these are underperforming due to bad health of the individual.

Adrenal supplements protect and restore the health of the adrenal glands.


Adrenal Support Supplements Amazon Reviews

Customer named JOC gave this supplement a rating of 4 stars. She said that her chiropractor has diagnosed adrenal issues. Then she took this supplement every morning and she has been sleeping great again.

A customer by the name of S wrote on June 2014 that due to thyroid issues he or she has sleeping problems and would wake up in the early hours and stay awake for hours but with this supplement the sleeping pattern is back to normal.

Mr. T.S. made a review in December of 2015 saying that this supplement gave him more energy and needed this for six months until things about his health are stabilised. He had issues about thyroid then his adrenal glands too.




Douglas Laboratories®


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agave syrup

Agave Syrup Health Benefits


Artificial sweeteners abound in the market today, the likes of xylitol and aspartame and stevia. But there is another alternative callled: Agave syrup or agave nectar.


What is Agave?

Agave is a succulent plant that is native to the southern part of US and also abundant in the tropical America.

The syrup or nectar is a natural alternative to sugar as a sweetener, but because it is very sweet, one should not use too much.

Agave is very popular with vegans, as reported. This syrup is also used in some drinks such as mojitos or even ice cream flavoured with agave.


Credit to maker of this video


Is agave nectar good for you?


There is a lot of debate going on regarding agave, whether its healthier than honey or as bad as the high fructose corn syrup. In this stance, I would say, these controversies need more clinical studies or research. But in the meantime, as with everything else, moderation is key – too much of everything is bad.

From what I have read, agave syrup is popular with diabetics for the reason that it is supposed to be low in the glycemic index. In this connection, this probably would not cause a drastic rise in blood sugar, according to some studies and information from online blogs and websites.

(again, readers are entitled to their own careful research and decisions; my blog is my own opinion, according to my own research and interpretation)


Why use agave nectar?


If buying agave syrup, one must make sure it is organic, and raw or very close to raw, as much as possible – with less heating and processing.

Agave, in its most natural form, is rich in nutrients. It has saponins, according to an article on the site called Saponins are a known antioxidant with the following health benefits: cholesterol lowering effect and also could play a role in cancer reduction (source


How to use agave syrup?

You can use agave in your oatmeal bowl.

You can also use this in baking but just make sure the amount is a lot less than when using regular sugar. You also need to lessen the oven temperature as this sweetener can react easily to high heat – this resulted in my cake looking a bit brown than the ordinary.

Agave syrup can also be used in marinades for your barbecue or grilling recipes, but so far have not tried it – might do pretty soon.

Here is a Dessert Recipe that uses agave syrup from a site called by Ana:

agave syrup cake recipe


Link to the site for the instructions on how to bake it



Where to buy agave syrup?


agave nectar

Indigo Herbs Nutrition

The best site to buy this is directly from Amazon.

The product is called Organic Agave Syrup – Dark and Raw – this brand is certified organic by the Organic Food Federation – you can never go wrong. If you check their main store site, you can find tons of organic and healthy products being sold – a true blue, dedicated store for everything healthy and mostly organic.

This brand of agave boasts of its qualities: certified raw food, suitable for vegans and vegetarians, gluten free and sourced from Mexico.

Indigo Herbs has a guarantee on their Amazon store that their agave is a raw food due to its less heat and filtering production method. To add, it says that the growing and processing of the syrup is certified organic and totally raw and all steps are strictly monitored and tests are carried out so that the final product is quite possibly some of the best Agave Syrup on the market that they can offer to the consumers.



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Health Benefits of Raw Honey


More and more people these days are choosing the healthy path. People are starting to grasp the awareness about how to make good choices in order to have healthy bodies.

Sugar, as we now know, is not healthy. But are there natural sugar substitutes?

Raw Honey – one of the healthiest sugar alternatives (well, still sugar but at least not so bad for you – still needs portion control) and its packed with nutrients!


Raw Honey

raw honey

From the Baltic Honey Shop


Raw honey is the only honey you will ever need if you want to get superior nutrients. Make sure that the honey you are buying is unheated or unpasteurised – organic, is best too!

And it is a healthier option too! In fact, scientist Keith Kantor, states that whereas sugar is 50% glucose and 50% fructose, honey is only 30% glucose and less 40% fructose.

(source: article from Huffington Post)

Amazing Health Benefits of Raw Honey


May help with allergies – raw honey’s minerals are intact compared to the regular honey in the supermarket which are at risk of having been tampered with fructose corn syrup or heated – which destroys the minerals and nutrients. Raw honey is harvested straight from the honeycomb and so is rich in pollen which is said to really stave off allergies at its tracks.

Rich source of brain boosting benefits – honey is said to be an important co factor for absorption of calcium. Calcium is said  to be important for memory functions of our brain.

Honey is good for wounds – its medicinal properties have been known throughout the centuries, and documented by lots of health books and natural health practitioners. In fact there is a study publised on the site called that says natural honey is 3x more effective in killing bacteria than artificial honey.

Raw honey can help with better sleep – honey relates with a rise in insulin which then helps the brain use it to process serotonin to melatonin which affects one’s sleeping pattern.

Raw honey is good for acid reflux – this claim was made by a reader from a certain forum on the Internet. This makes sense because honey is a great digestive medicine. And of the causes of reflux is having a weak digestion – this is where honey comes in with its packed full of nutrients and minerals for the body.

Raw honey is rich in zinc and selenium….


Video on the Benefits of Raw Honey

Video source from Youtube channel by Benefits Video and a part of the article from


Where to Buy Raw Honey?

Raw Honey by Baltic Honey Shop is by far the best natural honey I have tasted! It is naturally sourced from the forest in Lithuania. Plus this brand has an amazing 90 individual 4.8 stars reviews on Amazon – well,  almost perfect! And not only that, their raw honey has NO artificial ingredients added in the production, as per Baltic Honey.

Click Here to Buy RAW HONEY

raw honey benefits

raw honey




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