Calendula Cream Benefits


Calendula Cream Benefits

Calendula cream has many benefits like skin allergies, dry skin and eczema problems. Saying that, most of the skincare products to soothe itchy skin, redness and dry skin – use calendula oil extract in them (botanical name is Calendula officinalis or known as Marigold).


calendula cream benefits

#1 Homemade Salve for Eczema

What better way to save money than to make your own healing creams and salves or balms, if you are ready to get messy in the kitchen, but at the same time experience the homemade calendula cream benefits, the nature’s way!

Here are some basic ingredients for making a calendula cream or salve that I made at home:

Calendula-infused oil, beeswax pellets, lavender essential oil, and shea butter

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For a good recipe please refer to the Natural Living Ideas site

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#2 Herbal Medicine for Dry Skin

Calendula creams are very effective for dry especially during winter time where the thick water during cold times can get really irritating to the skin – the calcium in the water could be the culprit.

If you are in the UK, one very good place to buy is Lyon’s Leaf UK, see photo below

calendula cream eczema

#3 Soothe Insect Bites

Based on personal experience, calendula is really good for insect and even mosquitoe bites. What I do is, dab some lavender or tea tree essential area in the bitten spot then finish it off with calendula cream or balm. This way, I feel really confident that the area is disinfected plus the moisturising and healing benefits of calendula therafter.

Would you like to share your experience in using calendula for skin problems? Or have you got your own recipe to share?


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