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July 2016

Healing Diseases through Energy Healing



My life is one complicated story – everything stems from the childhood, as they say – oh how much I agree to this now.

So much things that happened when in the early days have really shaped who I am, what I am – my health issues.

I would like to begin by saying that, like many others, I came from a broken family. Though it is sad to admit, yes, typical story – parents separated, children left with grandparents.

Growing up under the care of my grandparents was mostly painful. She ran a tight ship. She was very strict and quite physical when things did not go well or her grandchildren misbehaved against her wishes. I would have to admit though  that she was generous in terms of giving us money and food. Later on in life, I learned about her own tribulations when she was growing up – things like unrequited love and attention, an unspoken female rivalry between a daughter and mother

The fact that my mother did not raise us, was an additional burden for a child. You go through life wondering why your mother was never there. You grow up asking what is wrong with you, what is lacking in you, or was I not good enough?

My mother was always having failed relationships even after she separated with my father. She herself was an unfinished business – an unending cycle of falling for the wrong men, an endless drama of chasing after men. She must have been short of love and nurturing back when she was still a child.  I would like to believe she could not give to us what she did not have or was not given to her. So there we are – my own upheavals and dramas along with my mother’s tangled stories.

There are a lot of painful memories from primary school days – common things like bullying, having to go to school alone – dreading school – dreading mathematics, dreading leaving home. You see those days I use to get stomach issues which I am pretty sure were coming from my own unexpressed fears as a child.

This bullying part was ever present in my learning days. Classmates would endlessly throw names at you. This made me hate school big time. This affected my confidence, my emotions – I am not surprised the horrors of bullying are a big part of my health stories.



This is one of the hardest thing to grapple with. Even up to now such sporadic feelings come and go. I get into a cycle of too much deep contemplation about the past – the what ifs and the what coulds. But I am also aware that I must move on from this negative phase of mine. But like everyone else, we all need to time to pick up ourselves from spending too much time in the familiar – I fear the unknown, but who doesn’t?

Loneliness is a strong enemy. I try hard to even write my feelings, write positive thoughts and affirmations. But such hardwired mental beliefs are a challenge. Days when you feel empty, days when you question your purpose – they come and go.

Loneliness can really damage our bodies. It certainly did, in my case.



I am really a believer that STRESS is the number one reason why our bodies develop illnesses or diseases. Stress chips into our auras and energetic frames, then physical problems start to manifest.

Stress is powered by the mind – our constant thinking of negative stuff can really bring our body down. After all, what the mind believes, the body will follow.

But I wish it would be easy to just magic our way out of stress.

This is a journey – a daily sojourn of how to appease, address, mitigate and eliminate stress in our minds, and our lives to free up our physical issues.



I stumbled upon Reiki Healing after my mother died in 2008.

As a person, I have always been drawn to the natural things, the unexplained phenomena, much more to energy healing things like Angels, meditation, unexplained stories about healing from diseases, unexplained miraculous things. I guess being a soft, introverted person, an empath, indigo child – these sets you to get really magnetised to  Healing.

I trained in Reiki in 2008 and then took my 2nd level training a few months after. From that time, up to now, Reiki is my ultimate comfort and healing saviour. I can never imagine my life without Reiki.

I wont explain what Reiki is, it is best left for one’s own research, if one is truly committed to healing thyself and knowing more about natural healing stuff.

I LOVE REIKI. I COMMIT MYSELF to daily self healing – this is my ideal vision – as most times I tend to be complacent about it.



But now, I am trying my best to address my issues. I am teaching myself and my mind to really embrace that I am healing, I am healed and I am healthy and balanced.

No one else can do this for me.

It is time to use my TOOLS for HEALING that I have been taking for granted.



I just bought a course in EFT and hopefully I will dedicate my time in studying that to address my unresolved past hurts and traumas – 90% childhood days.

My Mindfulness and Meditation Audiobooks and MP3 recordings – I bought some online stuff from Amazon, from the College of Sound Healing, from Audible UK and from Soundstrue Meditations which I really need to find time to use and finally do it consistently.






Do you experience such struggles?

What is your story like?

How are you coping?

What are you doing to heal the past to heal the present?




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how to treat hair loss

How To Treat Hair Loss at Home


Hair loss, Baldness or Hair fall is just about the most commonly encountered dilemmas most of us deal with nowadays. What is also typical is our lack of understanding about the wonderful as well as simple strategies by which we are able to cure the condition.

Hair loss is common in both women and men. While genetics play a primary role, there are a variety of other reasons that cause hair loss.


Causes of Hair Loss


There are several factors that cause hair loss or baldness.  These includes:

  • Genetics
  • Aging
  • Hormonal changes
  • Continued illness
  • Lack of vitamin B6 and folic acid
  • Disease in thyroid and;
  • Stress


Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall

#1 Aloe Vera For Hair Loss

Presently, excessive serious hair loss is becoming quite common caused by major pollution in the ecosystem. You could use Natural Aloe Vera as the second effective home treatment for hair loss and effective regrowth. Uses of Aloe Vera can safely and effectively lower scalp conditions like flaking and also itching. The mildly alkaline property of Aloe Vera rebuilds the natural pH level and promotes hair growth in the head. Aloe Vera gel may be effective for even preventing dandruff. Just take an Aloe Vera leaf, collect the pulp and put it on the hair follicles and hairs. Leave it on for 45 minutes to an hour and rinse off of the hair with plenty water. Follow this treatment for 3 – 4 times a week for much better end results.


#2 Hot Oil Scalp Massage

Oil scalp massage can be useful for strengthening blood circulation in the scalp that leads ultimately to better nourishment and health of hair follicles. As well as it provides good lubrication to the hair, thereby, checking and reducing the damage. Hot oil massage is one of the therapies that may supply you healthy and beautiful hair. It is an age older exercise, but quite a few overlook it and are reluctant to essential oil the hair believing that it may only make your hair gluey and greasy. However, this is a completely wrong perception.

By using the essential oil in the hair and rubbing the hair scalp you can increase the circulation of blood in the hair scalp this also makes the hair roots well nourished. Hence, the hair will expand strong and healthy. Moreover, oil works well for lubricating the hair and this lowers any damage that could occur to the hair.


#3 Egg White Mask 

Get the white of one egg and mix a teaspoon of olive oil. Beat to make a stick – like consistency and apply to the entire hair scalp and hair. Hold it on for approximately 15 – 20 minutes and then wash thoroughly with cool water and a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Eggs are a rich source of healthy proteins, B vitamins, and essential nutrients for optimal hair health


#4 Potatoes 

Wash the potato extensively and remove its skin. Cut it into small bits and put them in a blender or food processor to obtain the puree (You can add a little amount of water to the puree if it’s too thicker).You can strain the mix into a bowl using a cloth. This gives the potato juice. With the juice, put in a teaspoon of honey and water. Blend well. Use the mixture to your scalp and hair, and leave it on for around 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with a gentle shampoo. Potatoes contain potassium, ascorbic acid, and iron, all of which are necessary for maintaining healthy hair. It has also been found out that an insufficiency of potassium might lead to hair loss

Hair fall is actually a major problem. But similar to serious problems out there, it can be refrained and taken care of with hassle-free homemade remedies. Observe the above recommendations, and you will probably never need to stress about hair loss ever again!





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tips to relieve back pain

How To Relieve Back Pain


Back pain is a very common condition in the United States, with around 31 million Americans are experiencing upper back pain at any given time – and are probably endlessly searching for ways on How to Relieve Back Pain. Sports injuries are typical reasons behind back pain. But there are other conditions that maximize your danger of this problem, for instance very poor position, weight problems, poor physical conditioning and lack of exercise, mental and emotional stress, and silent diseases like osteoporosis.


However despite when it seems or what could have caused it, back pain is definitely a serious, well… serious pain, to cope with. What is great? There are actually easy things you can do in order to prevent back pain and also to maintain your back in sound condition. And if you’re suffering from a back pain difficulty, try the few listed tips and you could be on your way towards feeling far better.





How to Relieve Back Pain


  1. Maintain a good posture.Look for the good posture which usually places the least tension on your back. To get it done, stand correctly together with your body weight evenly balanced on both feet. Tilt your pelvis forward, and then back again, exaggerating the movement. And then settle to the position which feels as though most pleasant. First, focus on the area around your abdomen, next the upper body area, and then finally your neck and shoulders. Try to feel which posture is the very least, stressful and most comfortable.


  1. Hot and Cold. Regardless of the sort of injury you’ve sustained, putting an ice pack and also heat is an essential part in starting this process to relieve your pains. Ice and heat help the in pain areas to relax and promote balanced blood flow through the entire veins. Both the ice and heat when used with each other can drastically reduce and even decrease every serious pain. The large circulation of oxygen helps to soothe the pain. When ice is used, it provides the adverse aftereffect of heat. The cold results in the blood vessels to slim and gradually flex the muscle tissues. This lowers the inflammation causing the suffering. Switching over between the two may also help to increase the healing process.



  1. Sleep Well. You’ll need to consider appropriate spinal alignment not just when watching TV programs or sitting at your work desk in the office. The position you are sleeping in can be a long way to keep back discomfort away. The most effective posture is on your side, in a stress-free fetal posture with your knees bent. Place a pillow between your thighs, and also as you fall asleep, the top leg is not going to slide forward, causing a twist in your lumbar region. Consider also by using a small pillow through your neck, so your backbone stays in positioning as much as possible.


  1. Stretching provides two key objectives: It loosens up stressed muscles and firms the ones that need some help. Depending on location and cause of your back pains, certain stretching exercises can aid in eliminating back problems, while some can cause more pain. Stretching out need to be mild, so end any stretching exercise that produces serious pain. If you force a stretch, you could do this far more problems than good. 


  1. Eat Healthy Foods. Acquiring a large amount of vitamin D and calcium may prevent weakening of bones that may result in back pain and compression bone injuries. While minimizing inflammation-causing food products, you’ll choose to eat more fresh anti-inflammatory foods. The easiest method to do this is to observe the Mediterranean diet program, that targets eating antioxidant-rich foods, lean protein, whole grains and also heart-healthy fat.


  • Most foods should focus on fruit and vegetables, whole grains, essential olive oil, legumes, nuts, seeds, beans, spices and herbs


  • Aim for two to three-ounce parts of omega-3-rich fish a week. Tuna fish and salmon are very good sources.


  • Poultry and eggs might be eaten every other day. Maintain serving sizes to a few or several ounces, constantly remove the skin before eating, and switch between egg-whites and whole eggs


Consider to focus your minor day to day movements, just like how you pick up stuff (normally bend over at the legs), the way in which hold your handbag or backpack (be sure it isn’t too heavy and wear your backpack on both shoulders), buy a completely new bedding and/or bedroom pillows which are strong which will help prevent your spine to curve, and add some delicate stretching on your day schedule.

Remember – there are many ways on how to relieve back pain, just have to find what works best for you.

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cold hands and feet

Cold Hands and Feet and the Causes of Poor Circulation

poor circulation problem


Suffering from cold hands and feet? Could be an indication of a poor circulation problem.  Possible causes: Raynaud’s disease, diabetes…..

In this article you will learn:

What are the causes of Poor Circulation in Hands and Feet


The Causes of Poor Circulation In Hands and Feet

#1 Raynaud’s Syndrome

In a post from The Daily Mail, one woman wrote about her problem of freezing hands and feet despite her being an athletic person who does marathons (she also mentioned that she’s been a vegetarian prior to this). What the doctor suspected is a case of Raynaud’s or vasospasm – the arteries go into spasm as a reaction to the cold environment or trigger.


#2 Poor Circulation

Oxygen is vital to our body organs – so when we lack the optimal oxygenation our bodies need, circulation can suffer. But first off, we need efficient blood circulation for the oxygen supply to be able to reach where it is needed, when the opposite happens – shutdown happens, hence the feeling of coldness.


#3 Peripheral Neuropathy and Diabetes

Peripheral neuropathy is a damage in the peripheral nerve endings – fingertips and toes, causing you to feel abnormal sensations in the area.

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, 60 to 70 of people who are suffering from diabetes will develop neuropathy.


#4 Smoking and Alcohol Drinking

This is best explained by an article on Yahoo stating that drinking alcohol diverts the blood supply away from the lower extremities in favour of larger body organs.

Smoking also affects the lungs as it constricts blood vessels thereby influencing the amount of oxygen available to it. Probably why smokers have a wrinkled skin appearance due to poor availability of oxygen and blood supply to vital body systems.


#5 Thyroid Problem

Medicinenet has mentioned that one of the causes could be low thyroid problem.

Hypothyroidism means weight gain due to low production of thyroid hormones which are vital for the body’s metabolic processes. Most sufferers report feeling cold all the time – as a result of impaired temperature regulation function.

It would be wise to consult with a doctor to know more about your thyroid health.

Related article: Symptoms of Thyroid Problems


#6 Heart Condition

The site Healthline states that cold hands and feet can be a sign of a cardiovascular problem – blood flow is reduced due to circulation problems. Plaque can build up in the arteries hence the risk of hear attack. Carotid arteries, specifically, are crucial in delivering blood to the brain, so a compromised carotid artery can well spell a major health risk.


#Vegetarian Diet

My own personal opinion – FYI.

When I eat mostly vegetables throughout the day, I feel much colder. But when I mix in 2 or 3 oven-cooked plain pork sausages, my world lights up – I feel better and my body feels satiated. Most times, pure veggie meals leave me cold and isolated – but I know it is healthy though with my case I try to mix in some meat sources.


Finding out what triggers or causes for the said body condition can be a challenge so why not try this UK health product that is cutting-edge, super light and very modern?










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