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MIDOGEN: Your Powerful  Weapon Against AGING

MIDOGEN: Your Powerful Weapon Against AGING

Can you picture out an 80-year old playing tennis with no pain or suffering? Thousands of customers are benefitting from this POWERHOUSE Mitochondrial health supplement: MIDOGEN. MIDOGEN promotes health and youthfulness!   Why do we need to supplement with MIDOGEN? It supports the health at […]

Top 4 Nutrients for Skin

Top 4 Nutrients for Skin

Do you know the TOP 4 Nutrients for a Radiant Skin? How to prevent ageing skin? How to reduce wrinkles on your face?   Top 4 Nutrients for Skin   #1 Vitamin C Vitamin C does not need a lot of introduction as most people […]

NUYU: Why This Is The Last Superfood You Will Ever Need

NUYU: Why This Is The Last Superfood You Will Ever Need

Do you live a hectic modern lifestyle?

Are you always bogged down by overworking?

Are you getting highly targetted Nutrients from proper, natural and organic sources?

Is your diet and lifestyle making your body ACIDIC?

Is your body sluggish, loaded with toxins, and in need of Superior Detox?

NUYU is a dense source of nutrients that is produced in the most pristine of conditions through a Patented Cold-Drying Process that preserves its phytonutrient and nutritional content.

Nuyu Superfood

NUYU is 100% PURE and raw, and blended with ORGANIC ingredients.

It’s 100% organic, non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, Pareve and Gluten free.


      Powerhouse of SUPERFOODS


nuyu superfoodAlfalfa

Very rich source of  vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, vitamin E and protein.

Popular herbal medicine used in TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine for kidney and digestive tract health problems.

Also very popular in traditional Indian Ayurvedic treatments for arthritis and edema, wounds and treating boils.

Cholesterol buster – according to health experts this plant has the mechanism to stick to cholesterol thereby hindering it from taking residence in the blood.

Cancer fighting – also said to be good for counteracting cancer as this plant can bind with carcinogens in the colon and said to aid in their quick removal out of the body.



Packed full of protein and antioxidants, B vitamins and iron – this ‘algae’ is specially helpful in boosting the immune system.

Contains GLA – a very potent anti-inflammatory which is difficult to source via food.

Contains high amounts of chlorophyll which is famous for its impressive blood cleansing properties.

Heavy metals removal – said to help remove metal toxicity in the body.

May help with weight loss by helping in the fat burning process during exercise.



Barley Grass

Powerful sprouted plant that is rich in iron, calcium, protein and vitamin C.

This green grass has 7x the vitamin C content than in an orane juice and 11 times more calcium than can be found in milk.

Powerful body pH alkalizer which is essential for maintaining a healthy body.

Cancer healing – a number of people have claimed to have healed from cancer through  drinking Barley grass plus changes in their lifestyle habits.



Fast gaining its popularity due to its supposed benefits in improving athletic performance and increased blood flow as well as lowering the blood pressure levels in the body.

Dementia – this vegetable is said to improve oxygenation in the brain so may help in the fight against this health problem in the elderly people. Beetroot permits improved blood flow to the brain that declines with age, according to the researchers of Wake Forest University.



Freshwater algae that is super rich in phytonutrients and biotin, among others. Biotin is gaining attention due to its said ability to help people with type 2 diabetes especially issues about peripheral neuropathy, according to the site WebMD.

Chlorella supports healthy hormonal function and also may play a role in sustaining a good cardiovascular health.

Fountain of Youth – said to make the skin look younger due to its ability to increase the production of vitamin A and C in the body along with the glutathione (super essential part of liver health).

May promote weight loss due to its ability to reduce body fat percentage in the body as well as regulate the bodily hormones.

3 tablespoons of chlorella powder contains protein, vitamin A, vitamin B2 and B3, Iron, Magnesium and Zinc

Ranked as one of the Top 10 Health Foods in the world, according to Dr.



Strong frontrunner in maintaining healthy gut. Healthy gut means strong immune system and sharp cognitive thinking, efficient functioning of the liver and the kidneys, spleen, to name a few. Probiotics are relied heavily in healing eczema and IBS, along with several digestive related health issues.


Apple Pectin

Pectins are a type of soluble fibre. Pectins supposedly are good in preventing heart disease and also lowering cholesterol levels.

Improves intestinal health

Helps in blood pressure problems and blood sugar issues



In my own research activities, I found that artichokes are the must-have vegetables in nourishing the liver.  And there are many ways to get your nutrients from it – can be boiling it and drinking the juice or cooking as a dish, if all else fails – get it via health supplement.

Packed-full of supernutrients like quercetin and anthocyanins which are said to prevent cancer and protect against heart disease, according to

Mega Fiber – this vegetable is believed to be full of fiber that helps in bowel regularity, in effect, it keeps the gut health in check.

Helps in the production of bile which is essential for speedy movement of food and waste in the intestine.

Rich in Prebiotics which works well in tandem with probiotics in the gut ecosystem.



A green superplant that is loaded with 17 amino acids and all minerals known to manking, a bold claim made by an article via the site (I believe this though).

Best source of chlorophyll, in fact it contains 70% of it. And we know that this green supernutrient is the top runner in the blood cleansing benefits plus it is also strongly believed to be an anti-ageing nutrient.



Simple point from the site – says that this popular baking ingredient is actually beneficial in fighting against inflammation due to it being an antioxidant.

(I am surprised, but nevertheless I will start giving attention to this baking wonder ingredient).


Where to Buy NUYU Superfood?


Click the red box below to start enjoying the Health Benefits of NUYU by BAUER Nutrition



It is on SALE as of this writing (28-03-2016) – and that is ACROSS all products on the site!





Alfalfa is not advisable for those suffering from lupus and those who are pregnant.

Consult your doctor before taking any health supplements




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Health Benefits of L-Glutamine Powder

Health Benefits of L-Glutamine Powder

Popular among health fanatics, L-Glutamine Powder is now a rising player in healing the digestive lining of the mucosa, otherwise known as the gut. It is basically an aminod acid, and a building block of protein.   Benefits of L-Glutamine Powder   Heals the Gastrointestinal […]

Top 4 Nutrients for a Healthy Heart

Top 4 Nutrients for a Healthy Heart

Worried about terrifying heart palpitations? You are not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 610, 000 people die of heart disease in the United States. Heart palpitations can mean you are eating foods you are allergic to or you have […]

Healthy Organic Fruit Preserves

Healthy Organic Fruit Preserves

The overabundance of fruits in the UK makes it an ideal place to make use of excess supply by way of making lovely and homey fruit preserves that the whole family can enjoy at any time – with no rush and no fear of getting rancid or wasted.

Two of the most popular fruits for Jar Preserves are oranges and plums.


Organic Seville Oranges and Mandarins

Oranges are a familiar site in farmers’ markets and food grocers, with those bright hues of colours beaming with fruity goodness conjures happy memories and makes one yearn for homey recipes befitting for a family that gathers in sharing and love of food as well as company.

Oranges are packed full of nutrients like vitamin C which is essential for our immune system and also to promote collagen production which holds the key to a glowing skin. Vitamin C is also essential for our fight or flight body organ – the adrenal glands. If we are low on this nutrient then our body’s energy will be greatly affected that could result to fatigue. Moreover, vitamin C is also essential in neutralising the effects of free radical damage in our body, increasing our protection from heart disease and other ailments such as arthritis, to name a few.

Here are some photos of orange fruit preserves from a company called the Thursday Cottage – proudly British!

The oranges are sourced from Seville, Spain, above all – they are organic!

organic orange marmalade


Victoria Plum Jam

Plums, according to my research, help a lot with the well-being of our brain cells and cell membranes. Wow! I did not know this  until today – so interesting) According to the site WH Foods, the phenols in plums protect the oxidative damage to our fats. So this explains why it is important for our brain and body cells as they are mostly made of fats.

Plums are also rich in vitamin C.

Plums are also said to play a role in blood sugar regulation, according to the same site, WH Foods, at least to its dried variety called Prunes.

Have a look at this Organic and Proudly British fruit preserve product from Thursday Cottage; their plums are sourced from the East Anglia – how impressive!

organic jam


organic marmalades

Why not try these goodies and experience the true goodness of truly British made foods?

Thursday Cottage is ranked as one of the most admired Fruit Preserves company in the UK.

Click here to visit the know more about the company and its products



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Health Benefits of Flax Seeds

Health Benefits of Flax Seeds

  Health Benefits of Flax Seeds   #1 Weight Loss Superfood Said to be a super fighter for killing sugar addiction as well as minimising the tendencies for cravings and ending episodes of overeating, according to an article by Dr. Axe. It is also said […]

Benefits of Using Argan Oil

Benefits of Using Argan Oil

Morocco is home to one of the most revered natural anti-ageing beauty oils today – the Argan Oil. Argan oil comes from the nuts of the Argan tree which is said to take around 15 years for it to start bearing nuts used for extracting […]

Shea Butter Skin Benefits

Shea Butter Skin Benefits

Do you suffer from a myriad of skin issues like severe dry skin or itchy and flaky skin? You are not alone.

Fact: According to the Daily Mail UK article there are 47% dry or severe dry skin sufferers in the UK – what a huge number that is!

So what can shea butter do about dry skin problems?


The Many Benefits of Shea Butter

Shea butter is rich in skin healing nutrients like Vitamin A and E.

Vitamin A is said to be helpful in maintaining the skin’s good condition and can greatly help in problems like dermatitis, eczema, scaly skin and even serious issues like psoriasis.

Vitamin E is said to play a vital role in addressing inflammation that is why it is a very popular ingredient in skin serums that is geared to address ageing skin issues. This vitamin is also a great protector in fighting the ageing effects of sun exposure – what it does is it absorbs the UV light from the sun when applied on the skin.

Shea Butter is rich in Vitamin A so it is a potent must-have form moisturising the skin.  What is impressive about this is that the components of shea butter is said to be the same that can be found in our sebaceous glands, hence why it is effective, according to the site Shea Institute.

According to the Dr. Axe’s site, shea butter has the following benefits:

boosts collagen production

rich in stearic and oleic acids

high amounts of saturated fatty acids

contains anti-tumour compounds


Why is Shea Butter a super skin must-have?

Shea Butter is otherwise known as The Tree of Life due to its high healing fraction percentage, unlike other oils, according to the Shea Institute. Because of this higher healing fraction, it makes it one of the best healing butter for skin issues like blemishes, wrinkles and burns and skin allergies.

How to Look for the Best Shea Butter to Buy

One key factor to decide upon is that it must be Organic. It also must be Unrefined and Raw.

Have a look at this product by SheaLite. The product is said to be 100% Soil Association Organic approved.

shea butter

You can purchase this on Amazon and be confident that it has almost 688 high reviews from the customers.


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“Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.”


Top 5 Sleeping Tips To Relieve Back Pain

Top 5 Sleeping Tips To Relieve Back Pain

  There is a recent survey where most people say that their back problems have improved due to buying the Right kind of Mattress – better sleep means reduced back problem or back pain. In fact, an article from the Huffington post has claimed that […]

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