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March 2016

Midogen anti-aging supplement

MIDOGEN: Your Powerful Weapon Against AGING


Can you picture out an 80-year old playing tennis with no pain or suffering?

Thousands of customers are benefitting from this POWERHOUSE Mitochondrial health supplement: MIDOGEN.

MIDOGEN promotes health and youthfulness!


Why do we need to supplement with MIDOGEN?

It supports the health at CELLULAR level, not just specific body functions.

PQQ or Pyrroloquinoline quinone which is found in MIDOGEN activates cell signaling pathways directly responsible in cellular energy metabolism, development, and function, according to Wikipedia. PQQ not only protects the mitochondria powerhouse but it also promotes regeneration.

NADH – is an essential cofactor for producing NAD+ otherwise known as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide – a vital part of  our living body. NADH boosts cellular function and promotes cellular communication that then can reverse the signs of aging.





Midogen promotes mitochondrial growth but our mitochondria in the cells gets damaged over time but if this gets corrected in time via Coenzyme Q10 and PQQ, the damage is reversible – but it has to be not later than 10 years or else the damage is permanent, according to the site

Trans-Resveratrol – a potent flavonoid is found in Midogen and is is a potent anti-aging ingredient that comes from the Japanese plant. This nutrient or mineral fights inflammation brought about by free radicals which can speed up the aging process.





According to the University of New South Wales, communication breakdown between the nucleus of the cells and the mitochondria is a big factor in the aging process.

RISKS of Low NAD+ Levels in the body:

neurodegeneration in the brain

vascular inflammation that harms the blood vessels and can result to heart disease

insulin resistance

increased risk of fatty liver disease

fatigue and loss of muscle strength



Why is MITOCHONDRIA important?

Mitochondria is responsible for producing ATP or adenosine triphosphate – our primary source of energy – is said to be the source of 95% of our cellular energy that is vital to our living functions.

Damage to the mitochondria appears to be the CAUSE of AGING.


Why is MIDOGEN a superior health brand?

Produced by Live Cell Research – a reputable health company

Supplements are tested by third party laboratories

PURE Ingredients that are vegetarian friendly, gluten free and lactose free and no harmful magnesium stearate

Produced exclusively in California, not overseas – exceeding GMP guidelines or standards in manufacturing process.

BPA Free product – BPA is a harmful substance produced by using plastic; disrupts hormones in the body.

Bottle is heat, light and air resistant to preserve freshness and potency


Why Trust LIVE CELL RESEARCH, the company?

The company only produces health supplements that are free of fillers or synthetic binders

USA based premier company that offers outstanding customer service 7 days a week via telephone and customers are also allowed to email


Comes with 90-day product guarantee

Company has Physical address displayed on the website

Company has a clearly displayed About Us page that tells the customers about its identity






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Top 4 Nutrients for Skin

Do you know the TOP 4 Nutrients for a Radiant Skin?

How to prevent ageing skin?

How to reduce wrinkles on your face?


Top 4 Nutrients for Skin


#1 Vitamin C

Vitamin C does not need a lot of introduction as most people these days are aware of its skin perfecting benefits – though at the start it seemed to me all these claims are all fallacies. But moving beyond that – there seems to be a lot of truth to it.

What vitamin C does is counteract the damaging effects of free radicals that abound within us; collagen and elastin get ravaged by free radicals – these two elements are responsible for the skin’s structure so therefore damage to these will result to what is obvious as wrinkles particularly in women over 40s and 50s.

Vitamin C is very popular in selling platforms like Amazon with hot selling beauty must-haves like serums. In fact, one serum on there has over 1,200 customer reviews – these are verified purchases – that is how popular this vitamin for the skin is.

Food sources for vitamin C are oranges, kiwis, bell peppers and strawberries.

If you want a stunning skin that is uber-radiant – GO for vitamin C! It is revered for its free radicals neutralizing effect, FAST ACTING POTENT antioxidant and specially formulated to REVERSE the signs of AGING!



#2 Vitamin A

Vitamin A is very popular with the skincare industry as a powerful anti-wrinkle treatment as well as in cases of acne. What makes it an excellent treatment for wrinkles is because of its derivative Retinoids, Tretinoin, and Retinol. Vitamin A basically encourages cell turnover in the skin.

I can relate to this as back in my University days, acne was a problem. So for almost 5 to 6 years I have been using Tretinoin from my dermatologist without knowing that it was giving my skin benefits like smoothness after every night of using it – as well as having a very fresh and revived skin look as a result of fast skin cellular turnover.

Retinoids prevent wrinkles, according to Leslie Baumann, M.D., interviewed via an article from the Huffington Post.

(maybe it is time fo me to start using it again, after all – I am almost 39 years old)

Food sources for this vitamin includes carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach and other greens.




 #3 Vitamin E

I swear by this vitamin for the skin! I have tried using a product called vitamin E oil from the cosmetics company calle Jason – this was about 3 or 4 years ago. I must say the oil really had fast absorption. But these days you don’t have to undergo such an oily suffering at night if you were to topically apply the oil type as you can readily buy a this in cream or pill form.

So why is vitamin E good for the skin?

Vitamin E is proven to be effective at healing scars from wounds – it is a very rich fat (lipid) based antioxidant that protecs the cells and cell membranes from free radical damage. It is also said to help in tissue repair and is needed for efficient collagen production which is vital for skin to be firm and in good condition.

Food sources of this vitamin are avocados, sunflower seeds and almonds, to name a few.



#4 Selenium

Selenium is an important component of producing glutathione in the body so having low levels of this mineral means reduced capacity of the body to fight off cellular damage from free radicals which then results to skin aging. It is also said, according to the health experts, that selenium may protect againts skin cancer.

Acne buster

selenium is now becoming an important co factor for Vitamin E in treating acne. Some studies suggest that low levels of this mineral correspond to prevalence of acne in some people.

What foods to eat to get the best supple of selenium?

Foods rich in Selenium are brazil nuts, organ meats like liver and also seafood – especially tuna and salmon.

(make sure the fish source is fresh and reliable due to issues about mercury and other toxins in the sea nowadays)








Nutrition for Healthy Skin: Vitamin E, Pantothenic Acid, and Selenium


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NUYU Superfood

NUYU: Why This Is The Last Superfood You Will Ever Need

Do you live a hectic modern lifestyle?

Are you always bogged down by overworking?

Are you getting highly targetted Nutrients from proper, natural and organic sources?

Is your diet and lifestyle making your body ACIDIC?

Is your body sluggish, loaded with toxins, and in need of Superior Detox?

NUYU is a dense source of nutrients that is produced in the most pristine of conditions through a Patented Cold-Drying Process that preserves its phytonutrient and nutritional content.

Nuyu Superfood

NUYU is 100% PURE and raw, and blended with ORGANIC ingredients.

It’s 100% organic, non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, Pareve and Gluten free.


      Powerhouse of SUPERFOODS


nuyu superfoodAlfalfa

Very rich source of  vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, vitamin E and protein.

Popular herbal medicine used in TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine for kidney and digestive tract health problems.

Also very popular in traditional Indian Ayurvedic treatments for arthritis and edema, wounds and treating boils.

Cholesterol buster – according to health experts this plant has the mechanism to stick to cholesterol thereby hindering it from taking residence in the blood.

Cancer fighting – also said to be good for counteracting cancer as this plant can bind with carcinogens in the colon and said to aid in their quick removal out of the body.



Packed full of protein and antioxidants, B vitamins and iron – this ‘algae’ is specially helpful in boosting the immune system.

Contains GLA – a very potent anti-inflammatory which is difficult to source via food.

Contains high amounts of chlorophyll which is famous for its impressive blood cleansing properties.

Heavy metals removal – said to help remove metal toxicity in the body.

May help with weight loss by helping in the fat burning process during exercise.



Barley Grass

Powerful sprouted plant that is rich in iron, calcium, protein and vitamin C.

This green grass has 7x the vitamin C content than in an orane juice and 11 times more calcium than can be found in milk.

Powerful body pH alkalizer which is essential for maintaining a healthy body.

Cancer healing – a number of people have claimed to have healed from cancer through  drinking Barley grass plus changes in their lifestyle habits.



Fast gaining its popularity due to its supposed benefits in improving athletic performance and increased blood flow as well as lowering the blood pressure levels in the body.

Dementia – this vegetable is said to improve oxygenation in the brain so may help in the fight against this health problem in the elderly people. Beetroot permits improved blood flow to the brain that declines with age, according to the researchers of Wake Forest University.



Freshwater algae that is super rich in phytonutrients and biotin, among others. Biotin is gaining attention due to its said ability to help people with type 2 diabetes especially issues about peripheral neuropathy, according to the site WebMD.

Chlorella supports healthy hormonal function and also may play a role in sustaining a good cardiovascular health.

Fountain of Youth – said to make the skin look younger due to its ability to increase the production of vitamin A and C in the body along with the glutathione (super essential part of liver health).

May promote weight loss due to its ability to reduce body fat percentage in the body as well as regulate the bodily hormones.

3 tablespoons of chlorella powder contains protein, vitamin A, vitamin B2 and B3, Iron, Magnesium and Zinc

Ranked as one of the Top 10 Health Foods in the world, according to Dr.



Strong frontrunner in maintaining healthy gut. Healthy gut means strong immune system and sharp cognitive thinking, efficient functioning of the liver and the kidneys, spleen, to name a few. Probiotics are relied heavily in healing eczema and IBS, along with several digestive related health issues.


Apple Pectin

Pectins are a type of soluble fibre. Pectins supposedly are good in preventing heart disease and also lowering cholesterol levels.

Improves intestinal health

Helps in blood pressure problems and blood sugar issues



In my own research activities, I found that artichokes are the must-have vegetables in nourishing the liver.  And there are many ways to get your nutrients from it – can be boiling it and drinking the juice or cooking as a dish, if all else fails – get it via health supplement.

Packed-full of supernutrients like quercetin and anthocyanins which are said to prevent cancer and protect against heart disease, according to

Mega Fiber – this vegetable is believed to be full of fiber that helps in bowel regularity, in effect, it keeps the gut health in check.

Helps in the production of bile which is essential for speedy movement of food and waste in the intestine.

Rich in Prebiotics which works well in tandem with probiotics in the gut ecosystem.



A green superplant that is loaded with 17 amino acids and all minerals known to manking, a bold claim made by an article via the site (I believe this though).

Best source of chlorophyll, in fact it contains 70% of it. And we know that this green supernutrient is the top runner in the blood cleansing benefits plus it is also strongly believed to be an anti-ageing nutrient.



Simple point from the site – says that this popular baking ingredient is actually beneficial in fighting against inflammation due to it being an antioxidant.

(I am surprised, but nevertheless I will start giving attention to this baking wonder ingredient).


Where to Buy NUYU Superfood?


Click the red box below to start enjoying the Health Benefits of NUYU by BAUER Nutrition



It is on SALE as of this writing (28-03-2016) – and that is ACROSS all products on the site!





Alfalfa is not advisable for those suffering from lupus and those who are pregnant.

Consult your doctor before taking any health supplements



50 Reasons To Drink Wheatgrass Everyday


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L-Glutamine Powder

Health Benefits of L-Glutamine Powder

Popular among health fanatics, L-Glutamine Powder is now a rising player in healing the digestive lining of the mucosa, otherwise known as the gut. It is basically an aminod acid, and a building block of protein.


Benefits of L-Glutamine Powder


Heals the Gastrointestinal Lining

Our modern day diet is said to be wreaking havoc to our internal health which are said to be the leading cause of most autoimmune diseases nowadadays. Prevalent health issues such as chronic fatigue, eczema, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies and other common illnesses – are fast becoming traced to compromised gut permeability or what is  commonly called now as Leaky Gut.

In a medical study published on the, Glutamine is claimed to benefit the patients who were given this in their prescribed nutrition. In that study, after two weeks, the permeability of the intestines increased.


Bodybuilders’ Best Friend

I would agree that the first to utilise or patronise the usage of this powder would be the Bodybuilders or the athletes. Why? Because it is said to preserve muscle tissue – being a main component of protein. It is also said to function as a hydration supplement for the muscles  during intense body workouts where your body is consuming muscle for  energy to sustain such physical activity.


May Help with Diabetes

In a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, it suggested that supplementing with L-Glutamine showed improvements in cardiovascular risk factors in patients suffering from type 2 diabetes.


Wound Healing

In a post published on the health site called, it discussed that postoperative patients were given L-Glutamine and they found out that their hospital stays were shortened as  a result and also resulted in enhanced protein synthesis which is vital in the wound healing process.


Heals Peptic Ulcers

In my research I stumbled on a person’s post on the forum claiming that Glutamine heals peptic ulcers. She claimed that 92% of the subjects given this supplement healed their duodenal and peptic ulcers in 4 weeks time.

Click here to read the thread about glutamine


Food Sources of L-Glutamine

Bone broth is by far the most common food source for this health must-have.

To make bone broth, you need to slow cook bony parts or knuckles of beef or pork for  hours and hours to get that gelatin like consistency that is said to be rich in nutrients that are healing to the gut.

Take note though that some people can react to bone broth due to inability to tolerate glutamate.


Where to Buy L-Glutamine Powder

One very recommended brand after my long research on forums and health blogs is – Ajipure L-Glutamine Powder by Swanson which can be purchased directly by a very good company called HEALTH Monthly UK (they are also selling in the USA with a separate company site).


Swanson L-Glutamine Powder


Ajipure Glutamine

Price is correct as of this writing 27-03-2016


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The Heart

Top 4 Nutrients for a Healthy Heart

Worried about terrifying heart palpitations? You are not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 610, 000 people die of heart disease in the United States.

Heart palpitations can mean you are eating foods you are allergic to or you have an underlying medical problem. But according to the site Easy Immune Health, it is nearly always a case of a nutrient deficiency, which I agree 99%.

Time to check your nutrient intake!


Essential Nutrients for the Heart

#1 Magnesium

Magnesium is by far one of the most suggested ultra mineral that is related to heart issues like abnormal rhythm and palpitations. It is said that with our stressed lifestyles and processed-food loaded diets – our body do struggle with mineral or nutrient deficiences resulting from chronic inflammation over time.

According to the American Journal of Epidimiology, a 40% reduction of risk of SCD or sudden cardiac death was observed in a  15-year long study for people with high blood leves of magnesium.


#2 Potassium

It is quite common nowadays for many people to suffer from low potassium levels but high sodium levels in the blood – this creates health problems. Potassium is a very important electrolyte that our body needs to function at cellular level – we need it for good heart function, efficient digestion, healthy muscular function and could play a great role in a normal heart function.

Numerous health studies have confirmed that potassium may play a role in improving blood vessel function in our brain. This mechanism permits a better oxygenation of brain tissues which may affect reduction in the risks of strokes.


#3 Taurine

It is said that the heart contains a sizeable amount of taurine so it makes sense that heart problems could be related to reduced levels of taurine in the body. A number of studies from health experts suggest that taurine helps in efficient retention of potassiuum along with magnesium in the heart muscle which plays a role in normal functioning of the cardiovascular system as a whole.

According to the NCBI or National Center for Biotechnology Information, taurine as an antioxidant  may counteract the damaging effects of oxidative stress to the cardiovascular system. In the same study, taurine is suggested that it may help prevent cell dysfuntion due to high glucose intake.

#4 Coenzyme Q10

CoQ10 is found in every cell in our body and is said to be vital for producing energy related to cellular growth and being an antioxidant – may play a role in protecting the body from harmful free radicals (source WebMD).

Symptoms of CoQ10 deficiency can include heart failure, high blood pressure and chest pain, according to Mayo Clinic.

In an article published by the Mayo Clinic, it stated that low blood levels of CoQ10 may be associated with chronic heart failure.


Where to Buy these Nutrients?

Someone close t0 me is currently using this impressive health supplement to address heart palpitations issues – and it has been over 1 month with really good results (knock on wood!). It was worth a gamble that I stumbled on this product when I was doing my health blogging research for heart related supplements – though no idea about it – we just had to be brave and try it!

Here is the link to the website of the Vital Biologics  vital

Health Company producing this, and they ship to the UK and the waiting time could be 7 to 10 days as they are USA based.

Please see images of the product Heart Calm which contains all the 4 nutrients discussed in this blog post.


heart calm by vital biologics


heart supplement

Click Here to Buy this supplement



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Healthy Organic Fruit Preserves

The overabundance of fruits in the UK makes it an ideal place to make use of excess supply by way of making lovely and homey fruit preserves that the whole family can enjoy at any time – with no rush and no fear of getting rancid or wasted.

Two of the most popular fruits for Jar Preserves are oranges and plums.


Organic Seville Oranges and Mandarins

Oranges are a familiar site in farmers’ markets and food grocers, with those bright hues of colours beaming with fruity goodness conjures happy memories and makes one yearn for homey recipes befitting for a family that gathers in sharing and love of food as well as company.

Oranges are packed full of nutrients like vitamin C which is essential for our immune system and also to promote collagen production which holds the key to a glowing skin. Vitamin C is also essential for our fight or flight body organ – the adrenal glands. If we are low on this nutrient then our body’s energy will be greatly affected that could result to fatigue. Moreover, vitamin C is also essential in neutralising the effects of free radical damage in our body, increasing our protection from heart disease and other ailments such as arthritis, to name a few.

Here are some photos of orange fruit preserves from a company called the Thursday Cottage – proudly British!

The oranges are sourced from Seville, Spain, above all – they are organic!

organic orange marmalade


Victoria Plum Jam

Plums, according to my research, help a lot with the well-being of our brain cells and cell membranes. Wow! I did not know this  until today – so interesting) According to the site WH Foods, the phenols in plums protect the oxidative damage to our fats. So this explains why it is important for our brain and body cells as they are mostly made of fats.

Plums are also rich in vitamin C.

Plums are also said to play a role in blood sugar regulation, according to the same site, WH Foods, at least to its dried variety called Prunes.

Have a look at this Organic and Proudly British fruit preserve product from Thursday Cottage; their plums are sourced from the East Anglia – how impressive!

organic jam


organic marmalades

Why not try these goodies and experience the true goodness of truly British made foods?

Thursday Cottage is ranked as one of the most admired Fruit Preserves company in the UK.

Click here to visit the know more about the company and its products



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Flaxseed Coldpressed Oil

Health Benefits of Flax Seeds


Health Benefits of Flax Seeds


#1 Weight Loss Superfood

Said to be a super fighter for killing sugar addiction as well as minimising the tendencies for cravings and ending episodes of overeating, according to an article by Dr. Axe. It is also said to be low in carbohydrates that is why it is ideal for those wanting to lose weight.

Flax seeds are also said to be a laxative hence it allows quicker bowel movements and freeing up the body from delayed excretion of bodily wastes.

(Note: Flaxseed oils don’t contain fiber)

#2 Omega-3 Powerhouse

One of the most popular fatty acids now in the health arena as it is considered to be anti-inflammatory compared to the omega-6 which is pro-inflammatory.

Has EPA and DHA that permits a normal heart rhythm and also promotes good blood flow as well as slowing and stopping inflammation, according to the health blog Good Food Eating.

#3 Colon Cleanser and Anti-Cancer

Flax seeds are rich in fibre content hence it is really beneficial in colon cleansing protocol as it promotes healthy bowel movements. In this connection, it may also prevent the growth of tumour and the spread of cancer, due to its components – ALA fatty acid and lignans (source


#4 Prevents  Male Baldness

Flaxseeds are rich in Alpha Linolenic Acid or ALA which inhibits testosterone conversion into DHT, said to be responsible for shrinking the hair follicles in men.

It also plays a role in making sure the hair is strong and resistant to breakage – due to its rich content of omega-3s



#5 Good for the Heart

Rich in antioxidants that fight inflammation.

According to the health site, Dr. Axe, flax seeds are rich in ALA which is said to be beneficial for the heart. In the same article, it stated that there was a study that found that regular intake of ALA rich foods had lowered the sudden cardiovascular death of women.

#6 Healthy Skin

Rich in health fats that supplies the body with essential fats needed to preserve the skin’s moisture content and it also keeps the skin hydrated. This also addresses issues related to skin dryness and flakiness.


Where to Buy Flax Seeds and Flaxseed Oil?

One very good company that sells Flax Seeds food products is based in the UK – Health Embassy. This company has an admirable selling ethos as well as production standards.

Health Embassy


These are their sample products that are sold all over the UK to their ever-growing customer base:



Health Embassy Flaxseed flour



Nigella Sativa Seeds

(Click on the photos to purchase items on the Health Embassy site)


Safety Precaution:

Flax seeds may interact with certain medications so please talk to your doctor first.

It is also contra-indicated to some health conditions like diabetes and those prone to bleeding, please do your research prior to taking flax seeds


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Benefits of Using Argan Oil

Morocco is home to one of the most revered natural anti-ageing beauty oils today – the Argan Oil. Argan oil comes from the nuts of the Argan tree which is said to take around 15 years for it to start bearing nuts used for extracting the oils.

I have used Argan Oil for over 6 months and it has been a great natural face moisturiser for me, as I am avoiding chemicals and harsh cosmetics due to eczema problems. This oil has a nutty aroma to it that makes it perfect to use as I can be assured that it is really the real thing – not deodorised or treated with chemicals.


Benefits of Argain Oil

Anti-wrinkle fighting properties – because it is rich in Vitamin E, this makes it one of the most promising product for ageing skin. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that greatly helps in regeneration of the skin cells.

Acne – according to the site Health Avenue, this oil is good in cleaning out the skin pores so in that respect it helps the skin breathe and allow healthy flow of nutrients vital to the skin’s ideal condition compared to having clogged pores that can be a breeding ground for all sorts of skin issues.

Anti-radiation – according to the site Naturally Healthy Concepts, argan oil is rich in carotenoids which is beneficial in protecting the skin from UV radiation and free radical damage.

Prevents Skin Aging – because it is rich in Phytosterols, this is ideal for making sure the skins moisture content is retained as much as possible; it also is said to prevent skin aging as it plays a role in skin metabolism, as per Naturally Healthy Concepts.

Good for the Hair – the Vitamin E content of this oil is said to stimulate hair growth and can play a role in maintaining the hair strand’s strength.

Body Moisturiser – this oil gets absorbed very quickly making it ideal for skincare regimen. The fact that it is rich in Vitamin E just proves its worth in keeping the skin supple after the drying effect of showering. This oil is rich in plant-based components and devoid of harsh chemicals which, again – is key to mosturising the skin – and it can penetrate the layers deeply as well.

Psoriasis and eczema – as this oil is rich in antioxidants plus its rapid absorption state, it is a popular alternative to steroidal creams for skin problems like eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. One customer from Amazon claimed that even after just a few applications her psoriasis started to clear up.

Hair Conditioner – as reported on the Dr. Axe article, argan oil can be used as a natural night time hair conditioner.

Stretch Marks Remedy – said to be very beneficial in addressing problems  related to stretch marks due to its rich content of Vitamin E and A (source Dr Axe health site).


Buying the Best Argan Oil

You can purchase it directly on Amazon without any problem.

When buying there are some things to look out for :

Make sure it is Organic, Unrefined, Pure, Coldpressed and packed in a dark bottle to retain its benefits as much as possible.

Check this brand by  Truly Moroccan



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Shea Butter Skin Benefits

Do you suffer from a myriad of skin issues like severe dry skin or itchy and flaky skin? You are not alone.

Fact: According to the Daily Mail UK article there are 47% dry or severe dry skin sufferers in the UK – what a huge number that is!

So what can shea butter do about dry skin problems?


The Many Benefits of Shea Butter

Shea butter is rich in skin healing nutrients like Vitamin A and E.

Vitamin A is said to be helpful in maintaining the skin’s good condition and can greatly help in problems like dermatitis, eczema, scaly skin and even serious issues like psoriasis.

Vitamin E is said to play a vital role in addressing inflammation that is why it is a very popular ingredient in skin serums that is geared to address ageing skin issues. This vitamin is also a great protector in fighting the ageing effects of sun exposure – what it does is it absorbs the UV light from the sun when applied on the skin.

Shea Butter is rich in Vitamin A so it is a potent must-have form moisturising the skin.  What is impressive about this is that the components of shea butter is said to be the same that can be found in our sebaceous glands, hence why it is effective, according to the site Shea Institute.

According to the Dr. Axe’s site, shea butter has the following benefits:

boosts collagen production

rich in stearic and oleic acids

high amounts of saturated fatty acids

contains anti-tumour compounds


Why is Shea Butter a super skin must-have?

Shea Butter is otherwise known as The Tree of Life due to its high healing fraction percentage, unlike other oils, according to the Shea Institute. Because of this higher healing fraction, it makes it one of the best healing butter for skin issues like blemishes, wrinkles and burns and skin allergies.

How to Look for the Best Shea Butter to Buy

One key factor to decide upon is that it must be Organic. It also must be Unrefined and Raw.

Have a look at this product by SheaLite. The product is said to be 100% Soil Association Organic approved.

shea butter

You can purchase this on Amazon and be confident that it has almost 688 high reviews from the customers.


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Top 5 Sleeping Tips To Relieve Back Pain



There is a recent survey where most people say that their back problems have improved due to buying the Right kind of Mattress – better sleep means reduced back problem or back pain. In fact, an article from the Huffington post has claimed that a study by the National Sleep Foundation found that 92 percent of people reported that a good and comfortable mattress is important for a healthy sleep.

Memory Foam – this kind of mattress is fast becoming a global trend in addressing the need to have a better sleep.  Why? This material is claimed to support the body lines and curves, may relieve painful pressure points therefor can affect back pain, distributes body weight evenly, highly absorbent and soft, and can mold the body in response to heat and pressure.


Why Not Try these TOP Recommended Mattresses?



KEETSA Eco Friendly Mattresses




WRIGHT                             WRIGHT BEDDING





According to Woman’s Own Magazine (page 31 of March 8, 2016 issue), our spine is made of discs which contains about 80% water, so during the day as gravity can have an influence on the spine – water tends to be squeezed out of the discs which can then put a strain on the back.

In addition, as a personal opinion, when we are dehydrated – we tend to function at a non optimal level which then can make us struggle physically as our body is on ‘alert’ trying desperately to keep our electrolytes ratio balance which for sure can affect our ability to hold a proper posture, and in doing so – gives us a strained lower back feeling.




Some studies have found out that bad sleeping positions can put a strain on our lower back. Common sleeping positions like sleeping on one’s side is said to affect the ideal curvature of the spine all night long. It is also reported that sleeping in a stomach position can greatly affect the lower back as it interferes in the natural ideal body curve of the spine.

So what is the best sleeping position? Most experts agree that sleeping on one’s back is ideal as it is in conformity to our body’s natural line and curve – hence no added strain on our back.




Exercise promotes healthy movement of fluids in the discs which are found in the spine, according to the site Spine-Health. It added that the benefit of an active body means that the discs can perform the ‘sponge action’ which basically enables its much needed bodily function to distribute nutrients within the discs.

The Mayfield Clinic also have an article stating that most active people are more resistant to back injuries and pain. The same article suggested back exercises that are geared for strengthening, stretching or aerobic.




The Colorado Spine Institute defined body mechanics as how we use our body to go about in our daily activities. It also states that poor body mechanics is mostly the top reason for back problems. The reason for this? Poor body movement can subject the spine to great stress that can – over time – cause a wear and tear, specifically the discs and joints.


Recommended Exercise for Lower Back Pain


Source: Jen Hilman from the Psyche Truth Youtube Channel










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