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how to cure anxiety attack

How To Cure Panic Attacks


There is a good article on The Daily Mail UK that says Panic Attack or Anxiety Attack is a fight or flight response of the body, as a result the body is overloaded with stress hormone adrenaline, then very drastic symptoms appear like increased heart rate and blood pressure.

There is also a definition in an article from The Huffington Post that says these are a form of severe attacks of anxiety and fear that just comes with no notice at all and usually will linger for an average of up to 20 minutes in duration.



Symptoms of Anxiety Attack

panic attack

Feeling of overwhelming panic

Choking feeling

Impending doom

Fear of fainting

Feeling of loss in control

Sweating and Trembling


Panic Attacks


anxiety attack

I first notice this kind of personal experience back in late June, 2013, in a buffet restaurant. I was having my regular feast on Chinese dishes when suddenly I felt my chest tighten and my mind raced as well as my heartbeat – I was panting for air. I rushed outside and calmed myself down. Why did this happen? Was it because I got panicky thinking that I must have eaten something that is contaminated with prawns? I am allergic to prawns, by the way. And the bad thing, I forgot to bring my anti-allergy tablets.


The second episode happened when a few days after that I arrived back home in the Philippines for my holiday. Again, I forgot to bring my allergy pill. And this time, I went with a family distant relative, to a native style restaurant out in the outskirts area of the city.

I had no more Panic Attacks after these two. But they started to come back and haunt me as soon as I arrived back here in the UK.


I was flatsharing with a close friend around August of that year. So most times I am left to myself in the house. And in those times I get to dwell a lot about my personal issues like my failed relationship of eight years, that is 8 long years, then suddenly I am alone. This is where it gets nasty as when I am alone I tend to overanalyse things and all sorts of things or thoughts flood my mind. I guess this is my problem, I am a thinker, a contemplating person.

Besides being a loner, I don’t have that many friends close by. I like to shut myself to my own company. Maybe for a lot of reasons. For one, it is hard for others to please me in terms of their ideas and what they want to talk  about. I just want to look at bookshops and new quirky places. I just want to find interesting shops with nice and traditional pastry products or find that cute organic health shop or a big deli that is artisan in nature. You see being a loner is quite a challenge. You want different standards in things that you want to talk about and laugh about. In my case, things have to be something new and inspiring and cute…the dreamy world. Most times someone I know would always say I live in a dreamland. Maybe it is true. Others may see it as bad but for me it is a world I thrive in. A world where I feel that I love to dream about and dwell…..


More on My Anxiety Attacks


A few episodes I have experienced were when I was on the bus. I would hold my breath or calm myself down through my mind that the next bus stop I could skid off and escape until I reach the town centre, this was my trick. But the painful part of these scenarios is every time it ‘comes’ I feel like I about to FAINT and die. I extremely Panic Attacks at the thought that somehow I am about to lose consciousness. I get cold and sweaty hands plus I get hot skin temperature around my neck and cheeks and chest areas, and very obviously my ears get red hot! I guess what makes it more terrifying for me is the fear of losing one’s life at that moment. I am not fond of talking about this dreaded fear but on this topic, I have to.


The biggest episode that happened to me was one night when I was alone, around 9.30 pm. I was in bed already that time. I tried to stay in bed thinking that I can control it better that way as I was feeling relaxed and not moving around. But it the hyperventilation was too much that I finally stood up and opened the window in the hall way and sat on the stairs but then it still kept on going. The racing hear and panicky mind were too intense that I was ready to call the hospital – my last option. But I was too scared to be in the hospital with all those useless medical diagnoses and they will just give you pills upon pills. NOT ME.


Why is it Happening?


Until this day, I really don’t understand why ANXIEY or PANIC ATTACKS happen. And at such random times or events. I tried looking online but mostly people say their doctors are not able to get to the bottom of it. While there is no denying that it is mostly ‘Psychological’, but what really triggers it? Where is it coming from? Has it reached its tipping point? Is it stress at its peak? Is it from a past trauma or from an unresolved conflict from childhood? Who knows……

It is quite scary to realise that when you look online you get to read different stories from people looking for answers. You then get the idea that this particular thing is affecting a lot of people at any given time in their lives. Each person trying to search for that elusive ‘cure’ just like everyone else, including me.

But the good thing for me as of present is that it has been 2 or 3 months that I have been okay. Sometimes I get it, but very rarely now. I believe I had it last when I was thinking too many things like problems or bills to pay and some personal issues.


What Treatments or Cures are There for Anxiety or Panic Attacks?


Many things have been said that can help with this condition. If you were to look online, you can find things such as CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Meditation, Holistic Therapies, Counselling, or seeing your GP or doctor.

According to this article by The Daily Mail UK, CBT is the best front-runner on how to cure anxiety with effectiveness at a rate of 70 – 90% for most people. But what is CBT?

CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, as per Wikipedia, is a form of psychotherapy for depression with which the results are geared toward finding a solution for problems and modifying dysfunctional behaviour or thinking. For a simpler definition, I refer to the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies, the Lead Organisation for  CBT in the UK, whereby it defines CBT as a talking therapy. They also mentioned that this kind of therapy has been proven effective in dealing with emotional and physical conditions in adults and young people.

Lucy Atkins from The Guardian, has suggested 5 ways to avoid panic attacks in her article where she talked to different specialists on ways to deal with it. Below you will see a summary of  it.


5 Ways to Avoid Panic Attacks


  1. Number one suggestion is to breathe for a count of five, expanding your belly. Then you must hold that for 15 seconds then breathe out for 10, and don’t forget to pull your belly button towards your spine. Aim to repeat the process five or six times until you feel at ease.
  2. Next is, keep reminding yourself, especially your mind, that this episode or chaos  won’t kill you, and it is not a heart attack, it is just the body’s reaction of adrenaline rush.
  1. Distract your mind. The quick suggestion is to look at your left shoe and describe it in detail.  This trick will divert the mind’s panicking for the thought itself when there is no real danger.
  2. Cut down the consumption of stimulants as they obviously increase your heart rate. One very popular example is caffeine.
  3. Walk away from the situation.  This can be as simple as physically walking away by going for a walk even for a short period of time in order to relax the body and reduce the amount of adrenaline that is present.


My Own Personal Suggestions on How to Cure Panic Attacks

meditation for anxiety

  1. Listen to a CD on hypnosis:
  2. Make sure your eating habits are good.

You don’t want to be skipping meals and nutrients as it might be affecting you. Check with a nutritionist.

  1. Get some enough sleep.
  2. Socialise with friends to get to talk more and express more.
  3. Read feel good books and magazines.

Shun away from pressurising news about crimes or watching films that make you sad. There just no point in drowning in melancholy.

  1. Gratitude List.

List as many things that you are grateful for……




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Benefits of Probiotics


Probiotics Benefits

According to the Institute of Health Sciences, 80% of our immunity can be found in our digestive tract. Such a stunning medical fact to correlate with how the health of the American population is now, in fact, a study in 2012 by the NCBI, states that gastrointestinal diseases were affecting an estimated 60 to 70 million people per year.

Probiotics is said to benefit the mental health when there is a balance in the good and bad bacteria in probiotics affect the brainthe digestive system; otherwise would be an imbalance or what is called as dysbiosis. It is also claimed to be a key factor in alleviating the symptoms of a leaky gut that is associated with all sorts of allergies.

According to, By eating probiotic-rich foods and maintaining good intestinal flora, a person can also help to maintain a healthy immune system. And that has real world effects: for example, in one small study of students, those who were given a fermented dairy drink (instead of milk) displayed increased production from lymphocytes — a marker of immune response.


What are Probiotics?

Probiotics, according to Medical News Today, are live microorganisms that live in a host and are called as ‘good’ bacteria as they give health benefits to the body, specifically in the digestive tract which allows good intestinal function and digestion. Probiotics are normally found in fermented foods like sauerkraut and yogurt.

Fermented foods have been a part of ancient cultures such as the Romans where they ate sauerkraut and as well as in India where they consume a drink called lassi, usually before dinner meals.


advanced probiotics



Causes of Probiotics Imbalance in the Gut


Excessive intake of antibiotics

Sugar consumption

Impurities and chemicals from the tap water can wreak havoc on the intestinal flora.

Chronic stress can trigger the fight or flight response which then triggers release of hormones that alerts the body of an impending danger – repeated body stress like this can promote inflammation in the body: the gut.


Why Most Probiotics Won’t Work

In an article by the Life, it pointed some key factors why most probiotics supplements aren’t working for some people.

Most probiotics strains die in the manufacturing process early on and also even during the storage process in the shelves of health shops selling them or even due to the interaction of the stomach acids once ingested. But as per the health article there is a certain strain that is resistant to this factor, it is the bacterium Bacillus coagulans which has a shield that enables them to survive the abovementioned factors that is detrimental to survival of probiotics.

Another factor is colonization rate. Even if conventional probiotic bacteria make it to the gut, most do not go on to multiply while bacterium Bacillus coagulans does so in an effective manner.

Scientists also believe that the strain bacterium Bacillus coagulans forms the right lactic acid production that is key to good intestinal health, may even be more effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases and cancer, as suggested by studies.


Benefits of Probiotics

According to Harvard Health Publications, probiotics has been recommended since the mid 1990s via clinical studies as beneficial in treating gastro-intestinal health issues, as well as delaying the development of allergies in children and treating and preventing vaginal and urinary health issues in women.


benefits of probiotics



According to a study published in February 2014 by the National Center for Biotechnology Information or NCBI, subjects who took probiotics shortened their bouts with diarrhea symptoms by a duration of one day. Some researchers also found out that some subjects in the study recovered after three days of taking probiotics.


 Healthy Brain Function

Our digestive tract or the gut is considered as our second brain so much so that a healthy intestinal flora means a healthy mental status.

probiotics and healthy brain function

According to an article from Psychology Today, disorders like ADHD, autism, stress and depression/anxietycould be helped by probiotics, although more studies are needed to prove this. It also mentioned that anxiety and depression co-occur with bowel disorders, hence the strong connection between probiotics and mental disorders or complaints.



In an article published on the Science, a study done by the American Heart Association, suggested that two daily doses of probiotics lowered cholesterol bearing molecules in the blood. In the research, Jones said, co-founder and chief science officer of Micropharma, that taking probiotic can reduce cholesterol esters – particularly those that are related to ‘bad’saturated fatty acids in the blood.


Probiotics Lower Blood Pressure

Probiotics may play a role in controlling blood pressure. In an article from Dr. Mercola’s site, it mentioned a randomized study where there was significant benefits found among people who have taken probiotics in such products like milk and yogurt.

probiotics cure high blood pressure

Another article via Dr. Oz’s blog, also suggested the benefits of probiotics in regulating blood pressure. As mentioned in the article, the study showed that taking probiotics can reduce about four points off your systolic blood pressure and about two points off your diastolic pressure.


Probiotics May Help Treat IBS Symptoms

A stunning product called Symprove, available over the counter, is mentioned in the article from The Daily Mail UK claiming that in a trial at London’s King’s College Hospital found that 57% more patients suffering with moderate to severe IBS achieved remission while taking the said product.


Protection Against Bacterial Infection

Taking probiotics has been associated with supporting the immune system for years now, according to most health experts like nutritionists and doctors as well as homeopath therapists.

In a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the results suggested that probiotics protect againts infections – the study was done on mice instead of humans.

Another study was published in Science where it showed significant results that probiotics decreased the incidence of bacterial infection in children under the age of five.


May Help Against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Probiotics may help in treating chronic fatigue syndrome according to an article published by the But the findings were two-edged, in that it stated that probiotics may help some people but may make others worse: Six of the patients showed improvements in their symptoms, while one said symptoms got worse, according to Dr. Birgitta Evengard of the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, study co-author.


Are There Probiotics Side Effects?

A popular site called WebMD says that probiotics is mostly safe, if there are issues about it, it is mostly mild bloating or intestinal gas. But this site says that while its generally safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, some strains were not used to study the safety so caution is important – one must consult with a professional health expert. It also said that for some people with weakened immune system, probiotics can trigger disease. For those with a bowel syndrome, it can cause or may cause infections so again consultation with a doctor is needed.


What is the best Probiotics?

There are a lot of probiotics in the market today so the choices are far and wide. But again the key is to RESEARCH. See for yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask the manufacturers,  if they respond in detail, they care, so that is  one good criteria.

Also look out for factors like vegan suitability, GMO free, lactose or dairy free, look for manufacturing certifications to gauge standards. You can also look for what kind of strains it contains and the CFU numbers – millions or billions of probiotics content ranging from at least 8 billion.

My purchasing factor will always be a good website, good product information, contact details of the company, customer service quality and good product reviews. It also helps if the product is produced in the UK, USA, Australia and even New Zealand  which has a very good reputation for health products.

The Choice is really up to the customer…..


When To Take Probiotics?

There are varying suggestions in terms of when to take probiotics but I would follow what the label in the bottle says, or better yet – ask your health practitioner what is best. I have tried taking it before meals as well as after meals. Just test what works for you best.


Probiotic Strains and What They Do

I would not talk on here about the different strains as for me it can be overwhelming for a product consumer like myself, I would leave it for another separate article and would also ask a nutritionist or dietitian about it. There are far too many strains and each has its own supposed benefits which can be too scientific to start with.

I would not worry too much about the strains a probiotic brand contains but it would be wise to take notice of what is not best for your certain conditions, again this is just my opinion.

Please also note that I think things related to talks about FOS could be worth exploring. I have not really delved into it in relation to how I reacted to one brand that might have this ingredient but hey that is a good topic for another article, in depth look at FOS and probiotics choice.


Foods Rich in Probiotics

foods rich in probiotics

As suggested by the Institute of Health Sciences, these are some of the foods rich in probiotics: natural probiotic yoghurt, kefir, miso, sauerkraut, tempeh, natto. Dr. Mercola also suggested that making homemade foods that is fermented is a lot better in terms of probiotic bacteria content compared to taking supplements.


milk derived fermented food which is very popular nowadays so its not hard not to know this one. The thing to watch out maybe is there are now a lot of opinions about what kind of yogurt is best, some say grass fed, unpasteurized, organic, or it has to be from goats or sheeps.



Supposed to be a Japanese power food that is really good for the health



This is a very big food staple with Koreans. I was an English teacher before so I am very aware that they don’t seem to fail eating this fermented vegetable in every meal they have. Now I know the benefits of it. Warning though, it can be very spicy!



I think this is another popular and epic and traditional Japanese food staple. I have tried this before and although the taste is a bit bland for me, maybe the health benefits are worth it!



From what I gather Kefir is from coconuts. I have not really tried this one but it seems worth a try. Although my stomach reacts to coconut based dishes, I am willing to dig deep into the details of this food – benefits etc.



So far the brand I have tried with this food was made from Poland and I got it from the local supermarket which was cheap really. But a few days ago I stumbled on good ones from a specialist health shop – they seem to carry the better ones, could be organic and less salt or vinegar, I will have to look again and I might recommend a good brand, locally sourced as much as possible.

Even though this is very popular, I have also read that the vinegar content can be counterproductive for those with digestion issues like leaky gut so better do some homework on this.



Soy based food that is used in veggie burgers – basically fermented and cooked soybeans. But with all the claims of soy being bad for you, it’s all personal choice. In my case, I am totally off anything that has got to do with soy beans.


Do you have something to share or comment about this article?

Please share your ideas and opinions as others might benefit from it, especially the ones struggling with IBS, eczema, leaky gut and candida and other digestion issues.

Comment below and contribute!

Thank you!

Chunky Brian



“Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.”




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