Massive REVIEW of the TOP 3 PROBIOTIC Supplements for ECZEMA


Extensive REVIEWS of the TOP 3 Probiotic Supplements in the market today!


Quick definition of Probiotics

According to an article from, the word probiotic was originally coined by Lilly and Stillwell, and which means – substances produced by one microorganism that allows or encourage the growth of another. But then recently experts from Europe has given it an extended definition: Probiotics are live microbial food ingredients that yield beneficial effects on human health.


advanced probiotics




        ESSENTIAL CULTURES                                                                                   

I made a very careful and focussed examination of Leaf Origin’s website with the aim of really digging deep not just into the product but also about the company’s image and culture. In my experience with doing reviews, I find it impressive if a product has a good company behind it, this shows in many ways, not just about what the product can do.



It has 30 billion cultures with 15 different strains of benefecial bacteria. It is to be taken once a day and is 139 mg as a dosage. This is also a vegetarian capsule and is good as a 30 day supply.

It claims to be 100% pure and all natural ingredients.

It has no gluten, is lactose free and free from magnesium stearate

Essential Cultures Probiotics boasts to contain the powerful superstrains Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium.



The company speaks 100% most of the time about sourcing ingredients from nature – the organic way, and only from the freshest botanical sources!

Promises that it won’t cause bad breath at all

Manufactured in the USA and in an A Grade manufacturing facility.

No recurring charges ever so customers will have peace of mind and never have to worry about being charged every month without permission.

The company breathes on 5 Philosophies about its products and the company and its employees. Leaf Origin proudly commits itself to:

Using only Natural Ingredients

Puts emphasis on Global awareness by way of doing things with the Green initiative in mind, using recycle materials for its bottles, and also using solar energy, partly in its offices, and making sure to use as little carbon footprints as possible

The company does independent 3rd party testing for its products to make sure these are of purest and are of high quality – free from synthetic manufacturing processes and free from fillers.

They offer a 90-day money back guarantee if one is not happy with the product.

Customer Service is very, very good by the looks of it: OPEN 7 days a week, even on a Sunday. And the lines open at 6 am – my first time to see such an impressive opening time, that early! They can also be accessed via phone call and email.

Verified SECURE payment site so your card details are safe.

This company has a physical address clearly written on their website so that is a plus point – added peace of mind for customers.



The company could have made suggestions if the capsules are to be taken before or after meals. This I have known to be important as some online sources say that, it matters as to when you take it – after or before eating.

The company could have expounded more about the benefits of Essential Cultures as the product page needs a bit more information to make it rich in terms of information.

It did not say if they do deliver outside of the USA

What do I think of Essential Cultures Probiotics by Leaf Origin?

BIG YES! I would go for this product without any questions at all.

Such a powerful probiotic brand plus the Pure and All Natural Seal that it claims to be is more than a reason for me to give it a try!



Keybiotics – Digestive Health Probiotic

This product promises that it has been specially manufactured to withstand stomach acids and bile.

Also makes a punch that it can cover the entire G.I. tract and it balances Candida and yeast overgrowth quickly and efficiently.

It claims to be the MOST powerful probiotic brand in the market today!

(This is rather a bold claim but let us hope that this review will vindicate such promise).


What is Keybiotics Probiotics?

Manufactured by an American company called Whole Body Research.

This brand boasts of an even more number of cultures, that is, 37.5 billion, and also composed of 14 different strains of beneficial bacteria and comes in 500 mg capsules.

ADFADAIt is also lactose free and no gluten in it.

Declared to be vegan and purely natural.

Claims to be 100% Made in the USA



Keybiotics Probiotics Has research facilities in Los Angeles USA

Submits their products to independent laboratories for testing that are GMP Certified and registered with the FDA


In terms of safety, it says it has no synthetic fillers, artificial stimulants or additives.

It also has Lactobacillus Acidophilus, or DDS-1, and Bifidobacterium, that as per manufacturer are the latest strain believed to be 10x more powerful than any other combined probiotic strains in the market today.

For the first time, there is no need to refrigerate it – as compared to most probiotic products out there.

No bad breath tendencies.

Offers a very good 90-day money-back guarantee.

Super secure payment system for peace of mind backed by Trustguard.

Allows tracking of order once it is shipped from the warehouse.

Reliable and Good Business Standing, please see scanned shot: 


Has a Live Help or Chat available

Has a physical address as per website and has a 1-800 number for customers to call


What I don’t Like

I find the pricing on the top part of the page confusing, as against the bottom price cart, please check shots below:


What do I think of Keybiotics Probiotics by Whole Body Research?


I have a feeling that this brand is related to the first product I reviewed at the start of this article – the website contents sound similar. Although I suspect Whole Body Research and Leaf Origin are one and the same, it is fine with me – no negative thing about it. But I still prefer Essential Cultures although it has a difference of 7.5 cultures. Saying this, this brand is equally good!


              Perfect Biotics


This product says that it can promote a normal bowel regularity and it helps with digestion.

It also claims to replenish a healthy GI flora and also addresses intestinal discomfort and bloating.


What is Perfect Biotics Probiotics?

It has 30 billion colony forming units or CFUs.

It has 15 different strains of beneficial bacteria.


What I like





It clearly states that you should take it with your first meal of the day, preferably. So no more guessing game.

States that every capsule is FLASH-FROZEN (first time I heard of such preparation) so no need to worry about refrigeration as it stays fresh for years.

Has a physical address and a phone number plus email address


What I don’t Like

There is no Trustguard seal on the website in terms of payment security so this is something that the company should strive to achieve.

The website is very limited in terms of information, it is just one whole page!

Does not say if it is vegan, lactose and gluten free


What do I think of Perfect Biotics Probiotics by Probiotic America?





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